Quote1 "Red" Fever's been up and down the ladder as a druglord. When one business crashes and burns, he's quick to rise and from the ashes and start fresh. He's got the fever. Quote2
-- Microchip src

Mel Jay was a mobster with extensive knowledge of the criminals on the eastern sea line. Sometime after taking on the alias Red Fever, Mel became wanted by both the F.B.I. and the Punisher. He fled New York City to upstate New York suburb Riverdale, planning to use his resources from Pulaski Pharmaceuticals to setup shop in Riverdale. During a meeting with one of Pulaski Pharmaceuticals's shareholders, Hiram Lodge, he was convinced by Lodge's daughter, Ronnie, to take her to a dance at her high school. Word would spread that Red was at Riverdale High and he quickly realized that Punisher had found him. He took Ronnie at gunpoint and kidnapped her to a Riverdale warehouse used to store paraphernalia for the upcoming Fourth of July town parade. Unfortunately for Red, Ronnie left clues in his ransom tape about their location, allowing Punisher to find them. During the ensuring engagement at the warehouse, Red became caught in a line for one of the balloons and floated away.[1]

  • His caricatured appearance (e.g. buck teeth) resembles that of the original Archie desgin.
  • Montana Bob is a reference to Bob Montana, the creator of Archie.

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