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Quote1.png "Red" Fever's been up and down the ladder as a druglord. When one business crashes and burns, he's quick to rise and from the ashes and start fresh. He's got the fever. Quote2.png


Mel Jay was a mobster with extensive knowledge of the criminals on the eastern sea line. Sometime after taking on the alias Red Fever, Mel became wanted by both the F.B.I. and the Punisher. Due to his potential value as an informant, Castle made a deal with the government to bring Jay in alive in return for access to the information.

He fled New York City to upstate New York suburb of Riverdale, planning to use his resources from Pulaski Pharmaceuticals to set up shop in Riverdale. During a meeting with one of Pulaski Pharmaceuticals's shareholders, Hiram Lodge, he was convinced by Lodge's daughter, Ronnie, to take her to a dance at her high school.

Word would spread that Jay was at Riverdale High and he quickly realized that the Punisher had found him. A lowlife named Scooter, who was working as a roadie for the band, tipped off his location to a gangster seeking to kill Jay before he could give his information.

A squad of hitmen disguised as the catering crew infiltrated the dance and moved to attack him. Fortunately, due to the "Alive Only" deal, the Punisher intervened, protecting both Jay and the dance attendees from the assassination attempt.

Looking to negotiate with Castle on his own terms, Jay kidnapped Ronnie at gunpoint and took her to a Riverdale warehouse used to store paraphernalia for the upcoming Fourth of July town parade. Unfortunately for Jay, Ronnie slipped clues about their location into the ransom demand recording, allowing the Punisher to find them.

During the ensuing confrontation at the warehouse the Punisher revealed that Scooter, who had similar information to Jay, had been frightened by the shootout at the dance and turned himself in, rendering Jay expendable.

When Jay moved to attack, his foot became caught in a line for one of the parade balloons and it carried him away through the skylight, which had opened during the confrontation. His fate after that is unknown.[1]


  • His caricatured appearance (e.g. buck teeth) resembles that of the original Archie desgin.
  • Montana Bob is a reference to Bob Montana, the creator of Archie.

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