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Melvin Scarbo aka Minister Blood and his sister Susan Scarbo aka Suprema were stage performers, whose act went by the name Hypnotists Supreme. They made a small time living with act, they both wished for more so decided to use the skill and training to start a life of crime and form a small army.

The siblings started in New York City taking control of crime bosses and casino owners. Having the experience of this being so easy, they attempted to take over the international espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D., but her plans were thwarted by Captain America.[1]

Sometime after, Melvin Scarbo resurfaced as an operative of the Red Skull and a member of his henchmen the Skeleton Crew.[2] Minister Blood ran youth indoctrination camps for the Red Skull with the assistance of his sister (now called Mother Night) and the Sisters of Sin.[3] He reported to the Skull as part of his legion of contacts and agents.[4]





As a hypnotist Melvin could control the mind and actions of others, he was a sufficient hand-to -hand combatant.



Melvin carried hand guns and brass knuckles

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