Appearing in "Midnight In The Morgue!"

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Synopsis for "Midnight In The Morgue!"

Horror tale.

Appearing in "I Walked on the Moon"

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Synopsis for "I Walked on the Moon"

A bitter rivalry between two men extends all the way to the moon.

Appearing in "The Image"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Adventures into Weird Worlds #6.

Synopsis for "The Image"

This story is a reprint of the comic
Adventures into Weird Worlds #6.

Appearing in "The Burning Sands!"

Featured Characters:

  • Cabe

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "The Burning Sands!"

Cabe risks traveling across the desert to escape from a posse on his trail.

Appearing in "Gorilla Man"

Featured Characters:


  • Former Gorilla Man

Other Characters:

  • Ben

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "Gorilla Man"

Ken Hale has been plagued night after night with nightmares about Gorilla Man. By day thoughts of the Gorilla Man plague his mind and so he decides to go see a doctor who finds that there is nothing wrong with him physically. He then goes to the library to see what he can learn but finds that there is only works of fiction about gorilla men. He also pays a visit to his explorer friend Bension, who tells him that there is a rumor about a half-man half-gorilla in a remote region of Africa.

This inspires Kent to take a trip out to Africa to locate the Gorilla Man. After saying goodbye to his girlfriend Lil he takes a ship to Africa. There he hires a group of natives to take him to the Gorilla Man. However, after a certain point the natives refuse to go any further, but suddenly Ken knows exactly where to find the Gorilla Man.

Ken travels deeper into the jungle and fends off danger until he finds the Gorilla Man. When he finally finds the half-man half-beast Ken raises his gun to shoot it, but suddenly gets the urge to fist fight it. Tossing his gun aside, Ken battles hand-to-hand with the Gorilla Man.

Ken beats the creature to death and suddenly he finds himself transformed into a Gorilla Man himself and cries out into the night.


  • The origin of Gorilla Man presented here has been retconned and expanded as told in Agents of Atlas #2.

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