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Prior to his death, the father of the Hangor siblings supposedly hid $50,000 in bonds in the family home. For whatever reason, Hangor would disappear and lose touch with his family years before his father's death. His sister would inherit the family home, and unable to locate the hidden bonds would convert the home into a boarding house, renting its rooms to various tenants.

Hangor, either already knowing about the hidden bonds or learning about them later, would change his appearance and pose as a tenant. At night, he would obscure his features and murder the other tenants in the hopes of frightening everyone off the property so that he could search for the bonds himself.

He would not account that one of the most recent tenants was the Eternal Makkari who was posing as the human Mike Curry and moonlighting as the costumed hero Hurricane at that time. Quickly being witness to a murder, Hurricane would investigate the situation. He would learn about the supposed hidden bonds and set himself up as the "Menace's" next target. When Hangor would attempt to murder Hurricane, he would easily overpower him and turn him over to the authorities to confess to his crimes.



Hangor was armed with a knife.

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