Prior to becoming a Mennonite, he operated in New York City (and possibly elsewhere) as an assassin. He joined the Mennonites at the behest of Mary, the woman who became his wife; he credits her as having saved him from the life he was leading. He was struggling as his wife was suffering from a severe illness that rendered her unresponsive. He was then contacted to kill the Punisher, and although he had tried so desperately to put his life of killing behind him, he agreed. While the Mafia offered him a variety of firearms to choose from, he refused, as Mennonites are not allowed to make use of modern technologies; he instead opted to use his hammer and bare hands on the Punisher. A fight ensues between the two men, with the Punisher impressed by the Mennonite's strength and endurance. Seriously wounded, the Punisher flees into his nearby safehouse to get a better weapon, with the Mennonite giving chase. For a moment, the Mennonite is almost able to kill Frank before deciding to break his rule of no guns and grabs for one of Frank's numerous weapons. This proved to be his downfall, however, as the Punisher has his guns booby trapped with an electrical charge; the Mennonite is hit with 20,000 volts, rendering him unable to move. Too wounded to go for one of his guns, Frank decides to "improvise" and pushes his safe off the nearby shelf onto the Mennonite, crushing his head and killing him.[1]

Strength level

The Mennonite possesses incredible endurance and fortitude, continuing to pursue the Punisher despite having suffered a gunshot, several stab wounds, and being hit with a Taser moments prior. However, he could dish it out just as much as he could take it, landing several critical hits on the Punisher before his demise. After killing him, the Punisher passed out from his injuries, showing the extent of the Mennonite's skill as a fighter.


For all of his strength, the Mennonite is still human and thus still able to be killed via conventional means. Additionally, his refusal to use guns and other modern weapons could be seen as a weakness as the Punisher gained the upper hand through the use of such weapons.


A horse and buggy


Sledge hammer, axe

  • The Mennonite's origin, motivation, and superficial beliefs (minus the technology refusal) were later borrowed to create John Pilgrim for Season 2 of Marvel's The Punisher.

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