The Prime Director of Galador became disheartened at the thought of the planet's youth who had sacrificed their humanity to defend the homeworld from Dire Wraith attack and sought a way to animate Galadorian Spaceknights Armor with the force of his mind. Unfortunately, it was the innate dark side of his personality that dominated the newly created Mentus who imprisoned the Prime Director and began a scheme to deliver Galador to the Wraiths. Mentus first saved the Spaceknight Terminator from being destroyed for his criminal actions and reshaped his Plandanium Armor into an exact replica of the Greatest of the Spaceknights, Rom. Using Terminator/Rom as a puppet dictator, Mentus employed Galadorian technology to move Galador (and presumably it's entire star system) towards the Dark Nebula. Mentus was thwarted in his schemes by the return of the real Rom and several of his fellow Spaceknights and subsequently destroyed when the Prime Director himself confronted his evil incarnation and through force of will forced the reincorporation of his evil part back into himself. However, the strain of the event was too much for his physical form and both the Prime Director's human form and Mentus' Spaceknight form were killed.[1]


Galadorian Armor

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