The realm of Mephisto was one of the many "death dimensions"[citation needed] and Splinter Realms. It was sometimes named Hades or Hell.[1]

Time moves much more slowly here, a few days on Earth feel like many years here.[citation needed]


Modern Age

Forced to fight a duel against his adoptive father Crash Simpson, Ghost Rider and Crash were transported to Hell to battle each other. However, when Ghost Rider gained the upper hand, Satan sent demons to help Crash win the fight. When it came to delivering the killer blow, Crash couldn't do it, and Satan sent a demon to kill them both. Crash sacrificed himself to kill the demon, and Ghost Rider left his body with a robed figure who was apparently against Satan, returning to Earth.[3]

Deadpool would later kill his friend Micheal so he could tell Mephisto that his underling Vetis was stockpiling power in mortals so he could collect it later and overthrow him.[4]


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