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"Mephisto" unmasked.

The man who would be come known as Mephisto was an actor who worked for an opera company in the 1940s. At some point in his life he traveled to Egypt and learned a technique to enslave people by pinching a specific nerve on the back of the neck.

By 1946, he was performing in the opera Faust, playing the role of Mephisto the devil. Growing insane, he accused the other actors of upstaging him and eventually, after one performance, attacked the lead actor and was fired from the play and arrested. He was tossed in jail for the night in his costume, and the unhinged actor then began to believe that he should be the true Mephisto.

Once released from jail, Mephisto then began kidnapping wealthy people in the city, pinching the nerve in their body to make them his slaves. Eventually, a maid of one of the missing victims went to the police, who got the Angel involved in the case. Mephisto, seeking to trap the Angel, came to the police station out of his disguise and claimed that the "Devil" was after him. Suspecting nothing, the Angel agreed to escort the man home but was assaulted from behind and also made a slave and forced to work in the massive underground lair that Mephisto had his slaves build for him.

As Mephisto went to get revenge against the opera that fired him, the Angel was freed from Mephisto's control when a support beam in the cave collapsed, knocking off the piece of tape keeping his nerve pinched. The Angel then freed the other slaves and rushed to the opera house where he stopped Mephisto from killing the lead actress and easily subdued the villain.[1]

Mephisto was turned over to the authorities, his subsequent fate is unknown.


The actor known as Mephisto learned a technique that, by pinching a specific nerve on the back of a person's neck, would make them his obedient slave. In order to keep them in this state, Mephisto would place a piece of tape on the victim's neck, to keep the nerve constantly pinched.

An actor/villain using the name "Mephisto the Devil" (Jacques Laval), but with different motivations, fought Captain America and Bucky. Another Mephisto (Ted Sparks), an alleged thought projection, fought the Human Torch and Toro. None of these should be confused with the true Mephisto.[2]

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