Tasked with saving Jean Grey and Nightcrawler, the Ultimate Alliance went to Mephisto's Realm to try and save them. Running into Demons, Fire Giants, and even Blackheart, the Alliance had completed their mission, but with a price. Either Jean Grey or Nightcrawler had to be dropped into the Infinity Vortex in order to save the other (although the possible canonical outcome is that Jean Grey falls into the Infinity Vortex, the player is given the choice to save her and sacrifice Nightcrawler instead).

After facing many more demons, the Alliance (now accompanied by Johnny Blaze) confront Mephisto. There, he explains that he set up a concession to Doctor Doom, granting the Twilight Sword to the latter in exchange of leading the Alliance to his realm. Seemingly immune to any form of attack (even against his old servant, the Ghost Rider), one of the heroes steals his sword and attacks him with it, making him vulnerable to attack. After taking a few hits, Mephisto reveals that Jean Grey (or Nightcrawler) is not dead, but is instead now his slave. He then proceeds to call forth the young hero and orders her (or him) to attack the Alliance. After a long fight, Jean Grey (or Nightcrawler) breaks free from Mephisto's control and sacrifices the last bit of energy she (or he) has left to destroy Mephisto. Although not dead, Mephisto is not seen again until the end in a glimpse of the future by Uatu. Leaving the Realm, the Alliance are racked with guilt because they could not save Jean Grey (or Nightcrawler) when they had the chance.


Seemingly those of Mephisto (Earth-616)#Powers


Seemingly those of Mephisto (Earth-616)#Abilities


Seemingly the same as Mephisto (Earth-616)#Weaknesses


A crystal that held Zarathos.


Interdimensional teleportation using his own powers.


Magical Sword

  • Although he said he was invincible in his dimension, he can apparently be damaged only by weapons only he can conjure.
  • According to Vision, this incarnation of Mephisto is not truly a demon despite his appearance, but is more like a shapeshifter or very skilled in casting spells that change his appearance to fit his devilish tendency to make malevolent deals to tempt mortals into giving him their astral energy.

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