Quote1.png Do not listen to Mephisto's thrall, my compatriot. A devil is not to be trusted. Quote2.png
-- Spider-Herc src


Wanting the power to defeat Dormammu, Prowler sought out Mephisto. He gave Brown a vial of his blood, in exchange that he will receive his soul; however, he was persuaded to not to take the vial while Scarlet Spider took it instead. Attempting to free his soul, Ben traveled to Mephisto's Realm. Mephisto took the form of Spider-Girl due to Reilly's history with her Earth-TRN461 counterpart to convince him to leave to no avail. He also sent Silver Sable and a werewolf Spider-Man to stop him, but he pushed on. Mephisto ended up losing Ben's soul to Anansi in a game of poker. Still, he attempted to regain his soul by keeping Ben in his realm, but one of his subjects, Spider-Woman, rebelled and helped him escape.[1]


Seemingly those of the Mephisto of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Mephisto of Earth-616.

  • He doesn't play dice.[1]

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