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Mer-Max was allegedly the last whale on Earth,[2] and part of the interspecies group of X-Men.[3]

Battling The Beast

During the assault of Apollyon and the Crawlers on the Proud People of Starlit City, in the Intereuropa Islands, Mer-Max fled away to Megamerica, warning them of the arrival of their enemies and wishing them good luck, being itself followed by a Crawler ship.[4]

Mer-Max was later attacked by that ship while going through the Atlantic Ocean, asked its fellow X-Men for an "endangered species alert", and was saved by the arrival of the Sentinel Rover, along with Cassandra Nova and No-Girl in their Blackbird.[1]


Eventually, she was presumably killed by Sublime, in the body of The Beast and having received Phoenix Blood, who stated that he had "drowned the last whale",[2] causing the effective extinction of her species.



Seemingly Long-Range Telepathy


Intelligent whale.[5]


It is unknown what genetic status has Mer-Max and if it has powers. It seemed to possess some kind of telepathy or was often read by telepaths. Mer-Max is stated to be a mutant by some unofficial sources.[6][7] The Appendix simply states that Mer-Max is an "Intelligent whale".[5]

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