Misty Knight aligned herself with some of her former Heroes-For-Hire teammates in a section of Hell's Kitchen runned by Spider-Man. His webs have engulfed the entire section of that area to provide a safe place for himself and his group. Iron Man's suit tech becomes unstable when it comes into contact with the webs and Doctor Strange's magic proves useless due to the nature of the webs since Spider-Man's further mutation.

Mercedes Knight (Earth-13584) 0002

Misty as part of Spider-Man's gang

Misty and the rest of their group came into conflict with the Dark Avengers, as they were trying to make it to Strangetown to rescue their teammates Moonstone and Skaar.[1] Believing that these people were knockoffs of the originials, they battled them and placed them in Spider-Man's webs to hold them. A miniaturized Ai Apaec made some kind of spider-pathic rapport with Spider-Man, which convinced him that the Avengers were good and he released them from their prison. Misty then acknowledges that if the Spider finds them to be truthful, she will help them in their plans on taken Strange down, which the rest of Misty's companions agree to also.[2]


Seemingly those of the Mercedes Knight of Earth-616.

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