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Mercedes Knight[src]


Early Life

Misty Knight was motivated to become a detective for the NYPD after the murder and rape of her cousin Cassandra went unsolved.[1]

Luke Cage

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Off-duty, Misty had drinks at Harlem's Paradise, conversing with the bartender Luke Cage. Afterwards, they encountered each other again in the streets and, upon the offer for coffee, moved into Luke Cage's apartment for intercourse. Misty received a call from the department, in which they had discovered the body of Dante Chapman at the junkyard.

Alongside her partner Rafael Scarfe, she sought teenagers on the streets for information on Shameek Smith and Chico Diaz. The investigation led them to Pop's Barber Shop, where Misty Knight encountered Cage, the two acting as though they had never met.[2]



Cybernetic Enhancements: Receiving her bionic arm, Knight gained some enhanced powers.

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Durability


  • Master Detective
  • Expert Marksman
  • Expert Martial Artist: Misty has received some martial arts training during her police drills, making mention that she had learned multiple moves to disarm gun-wielding opponents. Despite freezing when confronting Diamondback, she developed further with the aid of Colleen Wing and managed to fend against a group of men with one arm. Upon obtaining her bionic arm, Knight has gotten fiercer in combat.



  • Prosthetic Arm: As a gift for her sacrifice from Danny Rand, Misty obtained a prosthetic limb that replaced the one lost.


  • Glock 19: Standard-issued police firearm.


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