Misty was a student at the Hell's Kitchen School for Troubled Youth, and a resident of Hell's Kitchen.

Misty was investigating Mephisto, and warned Hellcat that he was coming to New York, using the dimensional rift the Hand, and Kingpin.

Worried about her, her boyfriend Iron Fist, contacted her to come join him at the Avengers Academy, she told she would stay back in Hell's Kitchen, to continue her investigation, but would join him later.

Mephisto noticed Misty was investigating him, so he captured Misty, and a number of other heroes that were trying to stop him.

Mephisto later attacked the Avengers Academy. During the confrontation, the Avengers were able to free Misty, and the others heroes. It was then that Misty joined the Academy, like she had promised Iron Fist.[1]


Seemingly those of Mercedes Knight of Earth-616.

  • Misty is dating Iron Fist.[1]
  • Tony Stark made Misty a bionic arm after she lost her left arm.[1]

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