Misty Knight's history is presumably similar to her Earth-616 counterpart's. She was a police detective for Washington, D.C.'s DCPD. She, Jessica Jones, and Commissioner Luke Cage investigated the Saint, a vigilante that violently attacked criminals. After the beating of Tombstone, they later questioned Cleric Matt Murdock about the attack as he frequently had criminals as his congregants.

When Misty and Jones tried to question Tombstone in the hospital, they found him dead and learned that Murdock was the only person to see him. Misty and Jones realized that Murdock was the Saint, and Misty put an APB out for Murdock. When DCPD confronted Murdock, a fight broke out, resulting in Misty's bionic arm getting damaged and Murdock holding himself up in his church. Commissioner Cage was able to convince Murdock to surrender. When Cage and Murdock left the church, the corrupt Lieutenant Sanders tried to have them both killed. Murdock died, but Cage was saved by the hero Nighthawk. Cage then punched out Sanders for his act, getting a thumbs up from Misty and Jones.[1]

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Seemingly those of the Mercedes Knight of Earth-616.



Bionic arm


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