The Mercenary's first recorded appearance occurred when he highjacked a press plane on its way from New York City to Houston, Texas, where the Human Fly was set to attempt his first ever death-defying stunt in order to raise money for disabled children's charities.

When the Human Fly learned of this, he risked his life to stop the Mercenary and save the members of the press aboard the plane. Unknown to everyone, Spider-Man was also aboard the plane in his civilian guise of photographer, Peter Parker. The two heroes quickly dispatched the Mercenary's men, prompting him to escape using a jet pack. Spider-Man and the Fly, however, were successful in capturing the fleeing villain, sending him hurtling to the ground where he was knocked unconscious.




  • The Mercenary wears a helmet and goggles, presumably to allow him to see while flying at high speeds using his jet pack.
  • The Mercenary has his own gang of mask-wearing mercenaries who use conventional firearms.


The Mercenary sometimes uses a jet pack to ensure a means of escape.


The Mercenary wielded an energy pistol of an unrevealed type.

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