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In the solar system of Earth-5106, the planet Mercury was home to a race of Mercurians that were unique to that reality where the planet Mercury was able to sustain life. Those who lived on Mercury had two heads, each head representing two sides of their personalities: good and evil. They also had mercury for blood - when their blood temperature was low their good personality was dominant while their evil half slept, when their blood temperature rose to a certain level the opposite was true.

By the year 2000 the Mercurians were led by monarch Mer-King and were members of the intergalactic Galaxy organization. During that year the sun was pulled closer to Mercury by an unknown force, causing the Mercurians to go mad as their blood temperatures rose. The Space Squadron peace keeping force was dispatched to Mercury where commander Jet Dixon and his soldiers kept the warring Mercurians at bay, science officer LLA 38 and his fellow scientists developed a magnetic ray to return the Sun to its original position restoring the Mercurians to their more docile state.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Resistant to flame and heat

Average Strength Level

Comparable to normal humans[verification needed]



Above average temperature


Lower than Earth-standard


Type of Government

The Mercurians are governed by an monarchical ruler.

Level of Technology

Advanced, capable of interplanetary travel, have developed ray gun technology.


Mer-King, Mer-Duo


In most realities the planet Mercury cannot sustain life. In the Earth-616 universe in particular there were aliens who claimed to have originated from the planet Mercury, however it is possible that like many other aliens to have claimed to have come from other planets in the Sol system, they may be masking the true homeworld or have colonized Mercury.[2]

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  2. The accounts all occurred in Marvel publications from the 1950s and 60s.
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