In the 31st century of Earth-691[1], 5309[2] among others, Mercury was home to a race that was developed by techno-barons' genetic engineering to breed a sub-species of humans to colonize Mercury.

In the year 3,000 Mercurians joined other colonies in the Milky Way system to become partners in a United Federation. The Mercurians, as well as other members of the United Federation, were savagely attacked and conquered by the Badoon in the year 3,007.

Mercurians were resistant to heat and radiation. Their skin and hair were heated and humans would have difficulty coming into physical contact with them. Mercurians also had the ability to see in intense light.

Powers and Abilities


Resistant to flame and heat

Average Strength level

Comparable to normal humans


Habitat: Above average temperature
Gravity: 0.38 g


Representatives: Nikki Gold-691

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