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First planet in the Sol solar system of the Milky Way Galaxy. Mercury is a small, hot, rocky planet. In most realities, the planet is too hot to sustain life.


Mercury is presumably uninhabited although a number of alien beings have claimed to originate from the planet. However, it could be that -- like many other aliens who visited Earth in the past -- these aliens were from another planet and either lied about what planet they originated from or temporarily colonized Mercury.

Alternate realities


In the 31st Century of Earth-691 a race of Mercurians lived on Mercury. However, they were really biologically engineered human beings. Among their number included Nikki of the Guardians of the Galaxy.[1]


In the Earth-5106 reality, the planet Mercury was inhabited by a race of Mercurians with mercury for blood as well as two heads with two personalities: good and evil. The dominant force depended on the temperature of their blood. It was also the burial ground/memorial for John Dixon a rocket pilot who saved the Earth from annihilation.[2] By the year 2000, Mercury was ruled by Mer-King and the planet was part of the Galaxy council. When the Sun drifted too close to Mercury, it caused the Mercurians' evil personalities to become dominant. The anarchy was quelled by the Space Squadron (led by John Dixon's great grandson Jet Dixon) until a magnetic device could be built to push the sun back to its original position.[3]

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