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Mercy Medical Center was a hospital in Long Island.

When Lefty Donovan recreated the Goblin Formula, the serum blew up in his face. He was found by the FDNY and taken to Mercy Medical Center. Weeks later Donovan awoke in the hospital. He stole a nurse's uniform and stole another's car, leaving the facility undetected.[2]

After surviving a terrorist attack, Tempest Monroe was taken to Mercy Hospital, where she was put in intensive care.[3] Not long after, Jasmine was taken to the hospital by Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara) after being injured by her girlfriend.[4]

Jasmine accidentally stumbled upon Tempest's room, prompting Tempest's mother to hire Man Mountain Marko to guard her room. Jasmine informed Tempest's boyfriend that Cecelia had lied to about Tempest's death and he rushed to the hospital. He tried to bribe his way into the room and Marko responded by throwing him into the stairwell.

Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara) discovers Tempest Monroe's survival

Marko checked the stairwell and assumed Miguel had took off, but when he returned to Tempest's room, he found Miguel in his Spider-Man guise. Believing him to be the original, Marko attacks Miguel. Their fight ended when Marko threatened to kill the babies in the nursery unless he left. Marko returned to the room to find it empty, realizing that their battle was just a diversion. During this time, Spider-Man (Peter Parker) kidnapped the comatose Tempest and spirited her off to Parker Industries Medical.[1]

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