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Early Life[]

Meredith McCall was born and raised in Long Island, New York. She was the daughter of Creighton McCall, Howard Stark's greatest rival. When she fell in love with Howard's son, Tony Stark, their fathers forbade them from ever seeing each other again.[citation needed]

The Controller[]

Years later, they met again when Meredith was working as a therapist at the sanitarium where the Controller was being treated. She warned Tony that the Controller was taking over the hospital using his mental powers. The Controller, using Dr. Eric Thorne as a puppet, convinced Stark that Meredith was in fact a delusional inmate. After Iron Man foiled the Controller's plot, Tony left the hospital without saying goodbye to Meredith, having read in her hospital file that she was married.[1]

Meredith McCall (Earth-616) from Marvel Comics Presents Vol 1 140 001

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  • Meredith McCall's later history is contradictory. She first appeared as a woman who had been involved with Tony Stark when they were both teenagers. When they met years later, Meredith was a therapist who was married to a husband whose name was not revealed.[1] In her next appearance, Meredith joined the Masters of Silence after her father and her husband (Richard Stevenson) were both killed.[2] And then, only a year later (in Marvel Time), Meredith McCall Alden was a professor at Columbia University with a different dead ex-husband (Dr. Sloane Alden).[3] While her having had two husbands could be easily resolved, her living two vastly different lives (as an assassin/adventurer and a university professor) at the same time would be far more difficult to explain away. This may be why no attempt to resolve this continuity conflict has yet been made.
  • While McCall's hair is brown, she was once depicted as blond in Iron Man #328.

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