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Meredith Quill was the mother of Peter Quill, whom she had conceived with the Celestial known as Ego.[1] She didn't know much about Ego's cosmic roots, for he left her on Earth and never returned. She simply described him as an "angel composed of pure light." As she raised her son alone, Meredith wanted her son to know all the pop songs that she listened to when she was a teenager, so she made him a mix tape called "Awesome Mix Vol. 1".

Meredith Quill (Earth-199999) from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (film) 001

Meredith Quill and Ego

By 1988, Meredith was dying of cancer. In her final moments, she gave Peter a gift which his grandfather put in his back pack. 20 years later, Peter finally opened the gift, which was another mix tape, "Awesome Mix Vol. 2".[2]

When Peter finally met his father, he learned that Ego was responsible for his mother's death, as Ego felt that, while he loved Meredith, he was returning to Earth too often for it to be 'safe' for his continued existence, prompting him to plant the brain tumour that killed Meredith.[1]

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