Quote1 Oh my god are you kidding me are you from -- are you from space? Quote2
-- Meredith Quill src

Thirty years ago, Meredith Quill was sitting outside her house talking on the phone to a friend about her ex-husband Jake, when she saw a spacecraft fall from the sky. She dragged the occupant out revealing a man who spoke a foreign language and pointed his gun at her before he fainted. She took him to the house to nurse him back to health.

When the stranger awoke, Meredith was careful and pointed her shotgun at him. The man introduced himself as J'son, revealing he was an alien from the planet Spartax. J'son promised not to hurt her, all he wanted was to repair his ship and return home. He explained that his planet was at war with another alien race called the Badoon.

Time passed, and while J'son repaired his ship they both fell in love. The day however arrived and the ship was fixed. Meredith asked him to stay or could she go with him. He told her that it would be selfish of him to take her to a cosmic war. J'son leaves Meredith with his Element Gun as a gift. Once J'son departed, Meredith realized she was pregnant. She would later give birth to his son, Peter Quill.[1]

When Peter was still a child he returned home, bruised from trying to stop a bully at school. As he was washing up for dinner, his mother saw a bright light and two Badoon aliens emerged. Vowing to end the 'Spartoi bloodline', they killed Meredith. After Quill saw the aliens and his dead mother, he panicked and ran. As the aliens pursued, he grabbed a shotgun and managed to kill them with it. He then found a mysterious device in a closet. Seeing a bright light he fled the house, just before the alien ship destroyed it.[1][2]

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