Merenptah was an Egyptian prince and the descendant of the "boy king" would had came to En Sabah Nur (posing as Aten) to say that the power of gods was too much for a single god, and his dynasty restored polytheism.[1]

A young warrior, he was able to thwart an invasion by the Sea Peoples, at the cost of most of his army. In the direct aftermath of the battle, En Sabah Nur (posing as Aten) came to Merenptah who asked him for help, only for "Aten" to remind him his ancestor's choice, and that only the strong survive, and not those who would think greater than him, the strongest of all.[1]



Apocalypse compared Merenptah with Rick Jones while stating what youths may accomplish should never be underestimated (he remembered Merenptah as an example of how youths could bring down empires.[1]

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