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Meresyn was the Angel of Heven who mocked Angela for her not having wings during their childhood.

Years later, after Angela became the Leader of the Hunt, Meresyn and other Angels rebelled against the Queen of Angels, but were all put down, with the exception of Meresyn, who fled. Meresyn was then pursued and killed by Angela, being the very first living being she killed.

As the result of a curse cast on the Angels by Freyja, Queen of Asgard, Meresyn was sent to Hel, where she would be enslaved by Hela, the Queen of the Dead. When Angela invaded Hel to overthrow Hela in order to rescue her long lost lover, Sera, Meresyn engaged her in combat to prevent her from convincing the enslaved Angels to help her against Hela. Even though Angela lent her Ichors to her, Meresyn was overpowered and forced to surrender by Angela. By not killing Meresyn, Angela went against her nature, allowing her to pass the second trial, that was chaos, which was now under her control.[1]

Now by Angela's side, Meresyn volunteered to look for allies in the other wings of Hel, but Angela sent her to look for her mother, Loriel, instead.[2] After Angela had defeated Hela and became the new Queen of Hel, Meresyn returned and revealed to her that Loriel wasn't there to be found, implying she was still among the living. Angela gave Meresyn her Ichors and, despite Meresyn's protests, Angela, who had resigned her role as Queen of Hel, declined the offer to become the queen of Elysium, a part of Hel which was sundered from the rest by Angela when she was still Queen of Hel to be home of the dead Angels of Heven.[3]

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