Tony Stark bought an industrial operation on this island and named Blane Ordway as the project head. A couple of years later he visited the island and discovered that Blane expanded the factory practically on the entire island and used the budget to fund his new Solar Energy Converter. As soon as his chief assistant and fiance June Duncan informed Blane that the purification plant was backed up, and that toxic gas was spreading, the Sub-Mariner arrived and started demolishing the facility, claiming the plant was responsible for ocean water pollution. After having confronted Namor, Iron Man returned to the plant where Blane admitted his mistake, realizing the Converter was now generating the poisonous gas. The Sub-Mariner helped Iron Man destroy the facility before everyone died, but not before Blaine perished trying to destroy the Converter himself. Stark Industries employees were evacuated and the entire island ecosystem, once fertile and rich, was compromised[1].

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