The woman known as Mermaid is one of the many humans who were mutated by the release of Terrigen Mists in Earth's atmosphere. She would become a member of Daredevil's circus and was part of its Freak Show when the circus was dismantled by the Skull's army. When Daredevil would join Captain America in trying to stop the Skull, Mermaid and the other circus freaks would be sent ahead to New York to undergo training from Scott Summers and become a new team of X-Men.[citation needed]

Mermaid would aid her fellow X-Men in battling the Skull's army until the villains death at Captain America's hands. Mermaid would remain with the X-Men thereafter. Three years later, she and the other X-Men would join Mar-Vell on his quest to collect items of power following the death of Captain America.

Mermaid would travel to HEL Laboratories, the Moon and eventually stay with the other X-Men after a stop in Wakanda to help the nation relocate to the Savage Land to escape an army of Wendigo that sought to feed on the Ani-Men who lived there. Mermaid would aid her fellow X-Men in stopping the Wendigo (revealed to be the Multiple Man) in the Savage Land. She would then help the X-Men and the Wakandan's rebuild the Wakandan nation in the Savage Land. They would be interrupted by an attack by Belasco and an army of Dire Wraiths, they would be rescued by Mar-Vell and his friends.[citation needed]

Mermaid would also be present during the final battle against the Absorbing Man, later be amng the X-Men at one of the many hospitals of the dieing following the death of Death, and attend the wedding of King Britain and Medusa. Her current whereabouts are unknown.[citation needed]


Mermaid has a fish like tail instead of legs, giving her the appearance of a mermaid. Unable to walk, she is able to "Swim" in the air. The full nature of her flying abilities, and if she has any aquatic powers, or any other abilities remains to be revealed.

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