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Mermaids or Mermen are legendary aquatic creatures with the head and upper body of a female/male human and the tail of a fish.

The more humanoid Sirenas were said to be "mermaids of the Sulu Sea",[1] in the Philippines.


20th Century

A scientist plotted to use a mermaid from Atlantis to gain world renown, so he lied to her that he loved her until he could build an escape-proof tank. Unfortunately for him, she had the exact same intentions for him and dragged him down to Atlantis so they could use him as a specimen to model how human males appear in order to create an invasion force.[2]

Later, a man attempted to play a joke on a skeptical friend. He hired a girl with a mermaid costume to be dropped into the sea by a helicopter and then brought out of ocean with a net. The trick worked as his friend believed her to be a true mermaid, and he told his men to throw the girl back but his friend thought he was crazy to release such an amazing discovery. He let the man know that he set the stunt up to fool him when one of his men tells him that the girl he had hired had become ill that day and never showed up for the prank.[3]

A man was drawn to the sea and fell in love with a Mermaid. In order to live with her, the man had an operation to give himself gills, but unbeknownst to him, the Mermaid had an operation so she could live on land.[4]

Linda Brown was a wheelchair-bound girl living with her Aunt May and Uncle Ben in a house besides the sea, which she loved. When she began to become restless at night though, May and Ben began to fear that she might start to 'sleepwalk' like her Aunt, and May wondered if they had not kept her "too long". Sure enough, drawn by a compulsion she could not resist, Linda Brown returned that night to the ocean where, free of her wheelchair, she realized that she truly was a mermaid.[5]

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