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Meroê was the capital of the Black Kingdom of Kush during the Hyborian Age.[8][4] It was located on a grassy plain near a meandering rivers, and its spires and domes were sheathed with copper.[1]

In what became East Africa, during antiquity, Meroë became a renowned black empire.[5]


Hyborian Age

Meroê was founded by Stygian adventurers who pushed southwards to establish the city on a grassy plain. Meroê would become the capital city of Kush, and the descendants of these adventurers would become the aristocratic cast ruling the kingdom, living in the Inner City and worshiping Set, while the subjugated black-skinned native castes lived in the Outer City and worshiped Derketa and Jullah.[4]

While in Meroe, Conan and Imhotep became hunted by the Sky-Horde, who easily overpowered the Meroan soldiers and caused them to flee, then confronted Imhotep and brought him back to Hak-Heru. Armed with Imhotep's scythe, the Cimmerian fought his way out of the city.[9]

1st century AD

During the 1st century AD, Meroë was a renowned black empire in East Africa, and was ruled by the Candance Ashake. Her rule was challenged both by rebellions and inside plotters, such as Captain Keos. An attempt by Keos, Inkose, Macro, and Casta was foiled by Ashake and her former-prisoners-turned-allies, Marada Starhair and Arianrhod.[10]



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