Merro was the son of Naga and Maralith, and as such the brother of Zmey Gorynych, Bolla and Pressyne,[1] and a great-great-grandchild of the Elder God Set.[2]

Namora and her daughter Namorita found their way to Lemuria after the destruction of their previous home. Namora had a romantic interest in Prince Merro but she was later apparently murdered by Llyra, using poison. Later Prince Merro married Llyra but then he too died a couple of years later. This left Llyra as queen of Lemuria.[3]

  • Llyra was also sleeping with Merro's father Naga.[4]
  • Llyra was erroneously listed among Set's descendents in his entry in the Marvel Zombies Handbook, instead of Merro.
  • Originally it is implied that Karthon would rule Lemuria after Naga's death.[5] Apparently this never happened or Karthon's reign was a short one. Some time later Llyra had inherited the throne from Naga's son Merro who was king at that time.[6]

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