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The Merry Men are the group of outlaws who followed the legendary Robin Hood. They operated from Sherwood Forest outside of Nottingham, robbing from the rich to give to the poor.


After battling in the Crusades, Robin returned to England only to find his father had been murdered by the corrupt Sheriff of Nottingham and has taken over his Father's lands. Unable to be helped by Maid Marian. Robin vowed to avenge his father and fled to the Forest of Sherwood, home to a band of outlaws who have been banished from their villages by the Sheriff of Notingham. Combining the forces of the outlaws, Robin and his merry men set out on a crusade against the Sheriff of Nottingham and defeat the Sheriff of Nottingham and his henchmen who bids to take over the throne of England's rightful ruler King Richard the Lionheart and put a end to the corruption that has infested the English countryside.


In the 13th Century, the Asgardian known as Fandral was being chased by a Storm Giant through a forest in Asgard when he fell through a portal. He landed on Midgard in England in an area known as Nottingham. He took down a group of soldiers who were harassing the locals for taxes. It was then that he met a woman named Marian. It was love at first site and she told him of the local governor who was stealing from the poor. He helped where he could robbing the rich to give to the poor. Over time he formed a band of Merry Men to help him. Working together he took down the governor and the false king as the true king returned to the throne. He married Marian and they settled in a home not far from Nottingham. However due to her mortal nature she aged and died while Fandral remained unchanged. After her death he returned to Asgard through a portal. It remained unclear if he truly was the inspiration for the legend of Robin Hood.[1]

The Adventures of Robin Hood

In one instance, the 1940s time traveler Tommy Tyme ended up in Robin Hood's era. According to this account Tommy showed Robin Hood and his Merry Men how to make sling-shots, suggested that they wear green to better disguise themselves in the forest, and helped Robin Hood win an archery contest before returning to his own time.[2]

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