Mesmero was a pawn of Apocalypse. he used his mind-controlling powers to unlock the gates that had sealed Apocalypse away and engineer his return. He was a part of a carnival that visited Bayville, called the Circus of Mystery. He used first Jean, then Nightcrawler, Spyke and Shadowcat to steal three Tibetan rings from the early Han dynasty. He successfully obtained the rings and unlocked the first of three gateways.[1]

Later, Mesmero used Gambit, one of Magneto's Acolytes, to steal half of a spider stone from the home of Angel. Furious, Magneto chased Mesmero to London, hoping to prevent him from acquiring the other half of the stone, but nevertheless the two halves were combined and the stone transformed into a giant green spider. Magneto destroyed the spider, only to learn too late that the spider was a guardian, and that by destroying it Magneto had done just what Mesmero had wanted: opened the second gate to free Apocalypse.[2]

To open the third and final gate, Mesmero enlisted the help of Mystique (over whom his powers had no control) and dominated her daughter Rogue, forcing her to absorb the powers of all of her fellow X-Men, as well as members of the Brotherhood and the Acolytes. Mesmero deceived Mystique into opening the third gate, then forced Rogue to awaken Apocalypse by "feeding" him the powers she had stolen earlier. However, once Apocalypse was reawakened, he lost interest in his former loyal servant, and the X-Men found Mesmero some time later, back in his tent at the carnival. Xavier was able to learn Apocalypse's plan by scanning Mesmero's mind. Mesmero's final fate is unknown.


Seemingly those of the Mesmero (Earth-616)#Powers


Seemingly those of the Mesmero (Earth-616)#Abilities

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