Doctor Doom built several of these robots.[2] Their first known appearance was when Doom convinced Ms. Marvel, the She-Thing to submit to a mutogenic process at his castle in Latveria. Doom then sent one Message robot to the Four Freedoms Plaza, headquarters of Ms. Marvel's friends the Fantastic Four, to tell the heroes that, for the following four hours, Ms. Marvel would be safe at Doom's castle, and that Doom expected the heroes' "company" to learn useful information and meet Ms. Marvel. Having said that, the Message robot self-destroyed its memory.[1]

The Fantastic Four indeed raided the Castle. Fantastic Four leader Mister Fantastic confronted Doom using Null Time Sequencers to leap through time, while the Thing tried to take unconscious Ms. Marvel to safety. Three Message robots intercepted the Thing. He easily destroyed the first two, but the later was surprisingly strong. However, when Fantastic and Doom reappeared for a moment, the Message was distracted to throw them a bolt - probably aiming at Fantastic, but accidentally hitting Doom anyway. The Thing took this chance to hit the robot with all his strenght, and shattered it.


  • Aiming system that generates a bull's-eye out of thin air.[2]
  • Bolts thrown from its hands.[2]
  • Internal memory self-destruction following orders.[1]
  • Superhuman strenght and endurance.[2]

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