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  • Please help i feel i have been unfairly banned from the wiki. I made a good faith if not correct edit to the page Jessica Jones(character) I had sources and gave explanations for my reasoning. But Shabook has completely blocked me for a month he gave no warning his reasons weren't even valid. He claims that the ban was for editing the page with false information. But he did not ban me until 2 days later when i posted a comment with interview links and show information proving him wrong. I pointed out that my information was clearly valid and that it isn't up to an admin to post speculative information on a page and to do so and then lock the page is clearly unfair to people reading the pages. This was when he decided to ban me. If what i did was wrong why was i never warned? Why was the ban not implemented when the action took place? Why did he wait until i proved he was wrong? Why did he block any means i had of speaking with admins on the mcu wiki? Why was i given such an extreme punishment of a month ban for both a first "offense" and a clearly good faith edit?

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  • Hi, welcome to Marvel Database! Thanks for your edit to the Glenn Talbot (Earth-616) page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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