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  • I was born on February 18
  • I am Male
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  • A few tips for you to edit:

    • Don't forget to put references when you add something. ex: For something in the second episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD: {{r|Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 1 2}}
    • Don't forget to use finish the links when you link a character or else: ex: [[James Howlett (Earth-616)|Wolverine]] and not [[James Howlett (Earth-616)]]
    • The membership categories aren't to be added in the categories, but in the infobox: ex: {{m|X-Men (Earth-616)|X-Men}}

    Have a good time on the wikia, and a good day/night (regarding where you live).

    And a few questions about Marvel Agents of SHIELD, and PLEASE don't answer if it was on the last episode to be aired:

    • Was Skye specifically stated to be born in Hunan, or just found there ? (It is important to be the most neutral you can, and the less speculative, I'm personally thinking she came from SPECULATIVE SPOILER in the SPECULATIVE SPOILER because she is an SPECULATIVE SPOILER.
    • I think to recall that Miles Lydon was a Rising Tider, but LoveWaffle seems to disagree. Are you sure of it, I myself am not that sure anymore.
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