Der rote Kampfflieger

  • I live in I'd rather tell my federal state. Saxony-Anhalt.
  • I am Male
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  • Hi!

    My bad for the "I'll block you all" threat, it wasn't addressed to you, obviously. And thanks for the attempts to stop the vandals.

    A question while I'm here: I tried to lock the page but my navigator kind of crash on the page. Can you tell me if the page is locked?

    Thanks again!

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    • It doesn't show any protection from what I can see, but I'm confident that other user is more likely than not the same multiple account abuser that's been edit warring over Billy Kaplan all year, so a ban was in order regardless.

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    • Sorry that I wasn't online at the time of your question, but no, the page didn't show any protection, just like the user above me already wrote.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Please, remember to always follow our Naming Conventions and properly license the images you upload. Thanks!

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  • Please, whenever you upload a new image, be sure to follow these three simple steps:

    1) Be sure the image name acts in accordance with our site's Naming Conventions.

    2) Once the image is uploaded, please don't forget licensing.

    • If you uploaded it through the Special:Upload function, make use of the "Licensing (Required)" dropdown feature before clicking "Upload File," and choose the apropriate type of licensing. "A single panel of a character," "A regular comic book cover" and "Movie screenshot" are some of the most common options.
    • If you uploaded it through the "Add a photo to this gallery" function on the bottom of galleries, or you didn't select any licensing option in the dropdown feature of Special:Upload, you'll have to add the licensing manually. Go to the uploaded image and click "Edit," you'll see two rows of buttons to insert templates or format functions. Click on the button that has a single polaroid photograph on it (found in the bottom row), and the template will be added. Be sure to fill in the "License" field with the respective license. Most common licenses are "Comic Single Panel," "Comic Cover," "TV Screenshot" and "Movie Screenshot." If the licensing you added is not valid, the image will still appear as unlicensed.

    3) Whether the image template with licensing has been added automatically or has been inserted manually on the image, please be sure to fill in the respective fields there are, including "Source," "Universe," "Subject#," etc. to help sort it out.


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