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  • Just curious, why did you move the page for the Night Man show to have "animated" as part of the name, when it's live action? There was no move tag or any discussion about it having to be moved there.

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  • Hi, long time ago I edited Peter Parker (616)'s page with a justified change with references on categorisation. The fact is that I was reverted manually by a random user or an admin without justification or discussion involved. My demands are get my edition unreverted (I don't want to take part in an edit conflict), and that the pages of Peter Parker (Earth-616) and James Howlett (Earth-616) get semi-protected. If not, next I'll come will be for close the entire wiki. I think the deal is fair. Could be categorical the proposition, but that doesn't matter, what matter is undo the wrong.

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    • I was gone mute, because trying to have an honest and comprehensible conversation with you is a torture. And because you stated there was "nothing more to discuss". And because I have the right to go to sleep when it pleases me. Like, at night.

      Usee16 wrote: nothing more to discuss.

      Right there.

      Usee16 wrote: Yeah, for sure, how do you know? Technically it was a kingdom, but compared with the size of the other kingdoms from then (the Realm of Sicily for example) it could easily be said like that. A nationality is "a legal relationship between an individual person and a state", citizenship is a synonym of nationality. I could explain the battery of questions you made out of topic, but at the end I would be dismissed with sophistry or some excuse as ever.

      Usee16 wrote: First you thought I was referring to the city of Angouleme with "citizenship", that was a red flag for sure. But then you confirmed to be in total albis by telling that my explanation about city-states made no sense, so I had to put out the definition.

      What questions were out of topic? I was trying to help you communicate, and it happened that you added "Angoumoisin" as citizenship on your user page (by your own account, that's a red flag for sure), so it seems reasonable from me to assume you maybe were French, and that I could help you communicate by using French instead of English.

      You're the one that start talking about Normands and kingdoms and city-states (and citizenship and nationality are not systematically synonyms, though no one asked about it and you brought it up anyway). Your explanation made no sense because you started talking about normands and city-states, when that had nothing to do with the discussion.

      Usee16 wrote: The excuses now are "I don't know the policy" & "nobody understands the point of that".

      Actually, that's the "excuses" from the beginning.

      Usee16 wrote: P.D.: The point of a non-negotiable offer is that you dont need to know the point for give in.

      Actually, the point of a non-negotiable offer is that it's non-negotiable, not non-explainable. It's in the name. And it's threats you're making then.

      Usee16 wrote: You want a theological class simply to start talking and at the same time you want me to adress the endless amount of points that you spoke out by the sake of yes, all in a language that I don't master. "Perfect" strategy for let me out of the picture. You don't know what is a citizenship, or the difference between judaism and reformism (calvinism), or basic history from your own country (le République française), and you want me to explain you all that for free (not even offering me a thing). What a X-Force supporter are you done, you are much more of a XENO type.

      • I don't want the a theological class,
      • I'm clearly not trying to swarm you over a large number of point, I'm trying from the beginning to communicate with you, and you're ranting about all sorts of stuff, dismissing any point or attempt at reasonable conversation,
      • I know the differences between 2 distinct religions, and I know the history of France.
      • I was pointing out there is articles on the Internet that mentions the possibility and hints of Peter Parker being of the Jewish faith, and I'm not making those theories, both for comics and movies versions, I was mentioning it). I never said anything about that theory taking priority over the comics or movies or anything. It called making conversation.
      • I'm not paid to do this, and I'm offering you the possibility for a normal and sane conversation, but you keep rejecting it.
      • Sure, I'm a XENO type, whatever you mean by that.

      Usee16 wrote:

      Undoniel wrote:I don't recall the policy on previous religions (he is apparently atheist now, (...)
      By the way, atheism is not a religion.

      Usee16 wrote: And before that you had the audacity to refer to atheism as a religion.

      I never said it was, I said Parker previously had a religion (you quoted me, you can read it). If you want to bicker, you can propose the Category:Characters by Religion would be changed to Category:Characters by Religious Belief.

      Usee16 wrote: Surely your colleagues thought you were the right one to deal with me, but you're not getting to first base.

      In fact, no one asked me to answer to you. I came because I was curious about your message, and tried engaging dialogue in his stead, because he isn't currently editing. You apparently decided to make it a fight even before I replied to you.

      Usee16 wrote: the "most renowned" administrator here

      You're saying it, not me, no one else, but thanks.

      So one last time:

      • If you want to change the Spider-Man: go ahead, but try to discuss the issue. I will help you: The talk page is here: Talk:Peter_Parker_(Earth-616)#Religion.
      • No one gonna protect pages because you demand it and make vague threats if your demands are not met. No one gonna do anything because you demand it. It's a community-based site, you want something to be done, act as part of a community. Communicate, listen to others, don't make demands, especially without wishing to actually explains them. Because no one owes you nothing. Grow up.

      Now, I'm done here. I'm not going to waste my time if you keep spiraling around the subject without addressing it, twisting every word I write to avoid dealing with your own issues. I don't care much about Spider-Man or Wolverine, so I have no side in a possible edit conflict, but there is ways to argue and discuss, and you refuse to acknowledge that.

      To be even clearer, my point is: Grow up, or get out.

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    • If there is a previous religion must be a later religion, and atheism was what you were referring to directly. I even have the original quote that proves it, if you read well. Negating the evidence in front of you, that's heavy.

      Undoniel wrote: and I know the history of France.

      Sure, well I lied, that was advanced historiography, fruit of months of research over hundreds of biografies from twelfth century onwards. I have extense annotations about that period.

      Undoniel wrote: What questions were out of topic? I was trying to help you communicate, and it happened that you added "Angoumoisin" as citizenship on your user page (by your own account, that's a red flag for sure), so it seems reasonable from me to assume you maybe were French, and that I could help you communicate by using French instead of English.

      Sure it was reasonable think something like that if you had thought that I was a complete ignorant. So it's fair call you out on that and on the subsequent attempt to discredit. Most cities do not grant nationalities as I explained.

      Undoniel wrote: To be even clearer, my point is: Grow up, or get out.

      The thing was that is you and everyone else who is getting out in a year. Sorry.

      I was requiring the help of an administrator, not his permission to edit.

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  • Why did you leave a period for all of the notes for this series?

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  • Hey, could you delete this image that I forgot to crop?

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  • Hi Johnnybravo44! My name is Marcus, and I'm the Fandom Wiki Manager assigned to this fine database. My job is to help the community by being liaison to full-time Fandom staff (no takeovers by staff or anything). If you ever have a question or issue relating to the wiki, editing, etc., feel free contact me on my message wall. I've already contacted a few other admins. If you have any further quesstions about my role as a wiki manager, don't hesitate to ask!

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  • Hello,

    I am writing you on behalf of the trans community and LGBT fans of Marvel everywhere. On a recent browse of the Marvel wiki I noticed a page titled "Transvestites" [link:] and, fearing the worst, clicked. I do not know how widely this is known outside of the trans community, but the term "transvestite" is considered decades out of date at best and horribly offensive at worst. This wiki has previously replaced the offensive (though highly used) term "G*psy" in favor of the correct and less pejorative "romani"; I would ask that the same be done for this category.

    The argument may arise that "transvestite" and transgender refer to two different things, with the former referring to "cross-dressers" or drag kings/queens. I disagree with this on several counts. As a trans woman I have been referred to as a "transvestite" by bigots on multiple occasions, while the people I have known that are involved in drag never use it. The word strongly implies the "dirty man-in-a-dress" stereotypes that are all-too-commonly thrown against trans women.

    Even accepting "transvestite" to mean "cross-dresser", however, presents its own complications. Besides the highly transphobic connotations, the placement of the category under "Gender/Sexual minorities" does not make sense in this light (as even a straight cisgender man can wear a dress, etc). Additionally, there is no qualifier for what defines "cross-dressing", as clothing does not itself have a gender and as many characters have been put in drag for the sake of (admittedly transphobic) jokes. This makes the category extremely subjective and not of much practical use.

    I have been a huge Marvel fan from a young age and I greatly appreciate the work that this wiki does; it was this very wiki that recently prompted me to properly sit down and read comics for the first time since I was a child. I believe that all Marvel fans, regardless of gender identity, should have the opportunity to have fun reading about the characters we all love without seeing slurs targeted against them.

    Thank you for reading this letter, and I hope that you will take this plea to heart and remove this category for the reasons outlined above.

    - A trans Marvel fan

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    • I sincerely do appreciate you writing me about this. It appears as if another admin for the site has already tackled the matter, so thank you for bringing it to our attention!

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  • The spoiler screen is pretty redundant as it flickers the page before asking if you want to enter. Therefore I know that Wolverine dies in Logan. I mean, maybe he dies in Old Man Logan, and maybe if I knew that and they had used it from that, it wouldn't have been such a big deal. But I didn't, so any anticipation of what may occur has been taken because of that ineffective spoiler screen.

    I was actually thinking about using that on Scoobypedia, but now that I know it's completely useless in hiding anything that would amount to an actual spoiler, I don't think it's really useful to me in the end.

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  • Marvel Legends Vol 1 isn't British, it's French. I've just updated all of the issues to reflect that. They say Marvel France on the covers and have Euro prices.

    Both Marvel Legends Vol 1 and Marvel Legends Vol 2, which is the first British one, probably need renaming to disambiguate - they should both be Vol 1.

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  • Do you have a copy of the indicia page that shows that the volume is really called "Pulse Vol 1"?

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    • I do not, but have we not always dropped the "The" in a title? I didn't plan on touching it immediately either way, just left the move tag for hopes of a discussion.

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    • Good point...I am just dreading the bot move. Moving a whole volume is always a lot of work.

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    • Eh it's usually not too bad in my opinion. Just so long as the series doesn't have many links attached to it, of course..!

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  • excellent work. well done for spotting that mistake with ka-zar

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