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  • When you get a minute could I get a favor, could you confirm when Marvel Two-In-One Vol 1 77 takes place and convert the footnote into the style you typically use for these kind of apn and its surrounding issues. Thanks

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    • Done. Let me know if that works now.

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    • It has, thanks

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  • Well, can Yahweh(earth 616) be removed from the Omnipotence page?

    Its literally stated on the Omnipotence page that only the One above all is Omnipotent and only a being with no weakness can actually be Omnipotent but Yahweh has plenty of weaknesses and even on his page it is not stated that he is Omnipotent.

    So, can he be please removed from the Omnipotence category?

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    • "Omonipotent. All-powerful. The term is also used generically to describe numerous beings possessing vast power, which, although not unlimited, by far surpasses that of most sentient beings. Among the known so-called omnipotents are Galactus, the Celestials, the Watchers, the Stranger, the Living Tribunal and others."
      - Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Vol 2 #3, Glossary

      It doesn't mentions anything about weakness, and confirm my understanding of the term.

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    • Well, so shall the category information be changed now and Galactus and watchers be added to the Omnipotence category?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey, Reading through your continuity notes on Spider-Man, you keep referring to there marriage as "As a common-law couple". I'm not sure that is accurate mostly because New York (at least in our reality) does not recognize common law couples, so I don't think they would have been counted as such. I mean while they probably fell into this camp, unless a comic stated they were a common-law couple I would have thought there marriage would be noted a topical reference instead.

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    • In the One Moment In Time story arc states that they remained engaged instead of getting married. That about as close as they got to explaining the nature of their non-marriage post BND.

      As OMIT and handbooks have gone on to say is that all the events that happened post ASM Annual #21 happened exactly as they did with a few minor changes. Engaged instead of married. Their honeymoon was a regular vacation. Doctor Strange did all the post-Back in Black magic. Otherwise it's all pretty well the same.

      That said, I used the term "common-law couple" not so much in the legal sense (as you are correct that New York state does not recognize one unless you were considered to be in a common-law marriage elsewhere) but in the more general term, which is synonymous to a demestic partnership or a conjuical union.

      In the eyes of the law in the state of New York they don't have what is considered a marriage. I think that on a personal level, the two considered themselves something more than just a normal couple. Certainly with all the hocus pocus created by Mephisto their union is outside of the norm.

      Still, even though state law might not recognize a common-law union, it could still be recognized at the federal level. That could range from sething as mundane as taxes to an ugly drawn-out-in-court separation.

      So there are many legal complexities around a legal definition and we probably won't get any answers since I doubt that would make for compelling reading. That said, generally speaking, common-law is not incorrect.

      As for calling it "topical" is not entirely accurate either. They were married at the time of the publication in question and there is an in universe reason why they are not and why events were changed (the handbooks still mention their marriage after ASM 545 even) It was a fact, now it's not by means of altering reality. A topical reference usually applies to a real world thing mentioned in universe that has or will become dated (a celebrity, a current event, the date on the calendar, the type of real world equient used etc.)

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  • Do you remember or if you have a second could you check, which characters you thought Yellowjacket and Wonder-Man were on Earth-TRN584 from Dark Reign: Fantastic Four Vol 1 2. I got all the others, just not sure anyone is particularly obvious as either of them Thanks

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    • Hey! Sorry, for the slow response, my area was hit by a huge winter storm so I haven't been on the computer quite as frequently.

      Anyway, I have the issue in front of me right now. From the plot, the Medieval Civil War reality is an unforeseen side effect of Reed Richard's examining various alternate realities to see how different events prior to Dark Reign (namely Civil War and Secret Invasion) being combined with another reality. To really complicate things, the other members of the Fantastic Four-616 were caught in these amalgamations.

      In the case of Yellowjacket, he has black facial hair, complete with goatee and twirled up mustache. He's never mentioned by name (either code name or real name), the broad assumption is that since his costume looks like a Shakespearean version of the Yellowjacket costume. The character who is identified as Wonder Man here is also not mentioned by any of his names but is wearing Simon William's trademark sunglasses.

      It's up for interpretation, but I think that the intent was for these characters to be alternates of Henry Pym and Simon Williams.

      Where it gets complicated, at least as far as Pym is concerned, is that if this is an alternate version of Civil War is this an alternate version of Henry Pym or his Skrull impostor? There is no indication that there was/will be a Medieval Secret Invasion on that world.

      In the broader context of that series, the realities that Reed examines makes mention of the various Henry Pym's of those worlds but none of them make any specific reference to him being a Skrull. (Example, Earth-155's Henry Pym died of an aneurysm after the SHRA was passed and not a mention of him being a Skrull)

      If you look at the series as a whole, issue #2 looks at alternate Civil Wars, issue #3 looks at alternate Secret Invasions and issue #4 looked at alternate Dark Reigns. However, by what is depicted there is no evidence for or against one reality having there is no immediate indication that these alternate Civil Wars led to a Secret Invasion, or that these alternate Secret Invasions were precluded by a Civil War or followed by a Dark Reign and so on.

      Which is all a roundabout way of saying that those Civil War realities that Reed examined were done so without taking into consideration, or acknowledge if there was a Secret Invasion after the fact.

      So saying all of that, I think it would be safe to assume that this Yellowjacket is Henry Pym. I don't think that his having different hair color would be a disqualifier in that regard. There are many documented instances where alternates have different hair or eye color.

      My thoughts on this would be to create a page as though the character is Henry Pym and explain it in the notes section. Something to the effect of "This character was never identified by name. However, given his general appearance, it is plausible that this is this realities version of Henry Pym/Yellowjacket. In the absence of evidence that confirms this one way or the other this page has been named for easier reference."

      If I could editorialize for a moment, the visit to that reality took up a few pages of a comic published ten years ago. I think it is unlikely that the reality will be revisited in any capacity where there could be a confirmation about such a detail. I think we could consider ourselves lucky if it warrants a mention in a handbook, but those aren't coming out very frequently as they used to so... I'm thinking it's pretty slim. So I'm thinking, from an editorial perspective, it would make the most sense for us to classify this character as Henry Pym for the lack of anything better.

      What are your thoughts on that?

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    • I discussed the Skrull issue with other admins recently and we determined that unless they are explicitly revealed as Skrulls then it would be simplest to assume they weren't replaced until confirmed (especially in realities that arn't directly what if?). Thanks by the way

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    • Sounds like we're all on the same page. I think that's probably the best way to go about it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey I was reading Blockbusters of the Marvel Universe and they give a reality to the Fantastic Four Fifth Dimension at least, I know you worked on the characters, so I'm just giving you the info in case you want to re work the pages(like splitting I.T. page into 3), I'm adding move tags with the new universe name for the characters. The Fith Dimension page would also need to be worked on, either becoming a reality page or taking the content from the Fantastic Four Stories into a new Earth-6212 reality page.

    Handbook Entry page

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    • That it is considered an alternate Earth makes a lot of sense to me. Particularly during that story line where I.T. tried to start a war between Earth-616, Earth-A and the 5th Dimension.

      As for what to do with I.T.... Should it be three different pages? For me, I'd feel that a single page for I.T. instead of three different pages would be easier to navigate for visitors who want to read about the organisation. I'm not against the idea of splitting it up into three pages, I'm just wondering if that's the most practical way of presenting the information.

      Looking at the situation we could do it one of three ways, neither are right or wrong, just matter of preference.

      • We can keep it as is. Based on the principal that was assign the reality designation to the place of origin. I.T. is technically a signal organisation (even though it calls itself under a different name in each reality) and it would founded by Aarkon on Earth-616. Comparable group would be the "Prime" version of the Warriors of the Great Web/Web Warriors. Although the primary version of the Web Warriors operate on a multiversal level, they were founded on Earth-001.
      • We could treat each iteration as a separate entity and create a page with each reality I.T. existed in. This could have some practical given that while I.T. was shut down on Earth-616 and the 5th Dimension, the one on Earth-A was still active later (She-Hulk Vol 2 #21).
      • We could keep it as one page, but change the designation from (Earth-616) to (Multiverse) since it did operate on a multiversal level. A comparable group would be the "Prime" version of the Exiles who are classified as such because they were formed outside of a specific reality.

      Thinking about it, I don't really have a horse in the race so-to-speak, because none of those choices are really right or wrong.

      I say do what you think feels right. I'm not going to be working on character profiles (other than small fixes here and there) for a while (I'm sticking to issue summaries for now, specifically Spider-Man comics for what feels like an eternity) so if you want to go ahead and make some changes on that page on what you've found, I say go for it.

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    • Yeah I think the page can stay as it is, I haven't read the story, but since the article gave three different names to the organization in the 3 different realities, I though it could be split, but I was waiting for someone who has read the stories to give their opinion, since it is all interconnected I think it does make sense to keep it as one.

      I've added the move tags to the characters, what do you think I should do with the Fifth Dimension page? it seems to refer to other stories that don't seem to be part of "this" Fifth dimension. I'm not sure if I keep the page and move just Earth-6212 content to a new one or if I just decide its all the same reality and turn the page into a reality page(its currently a location).

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    • Oh yeah, that Marvex stuff.All that Marvex stuff was from the Timely era. Marvex has a profile in the A-Z Handbook #14. I just took a look at it and it lists "Fifth Dimension" in quotations.

      That Handbook was published a year before the Blockbusters handbook, so I think we can give the quotations a lot of credibility that Marvex comes from a place called the 5th Dimension, but it is different than the one that has been dealt with ever since.

      I think when I wrote that 20th Century stuff, none of that material has been published (either that or I wasn't aware of it). I think in light of the new evidence, it would be reasonable to assume that we're dealing with two different locations.

      My thinking is that we have the Earth-6212 page only include everything from Strange Tales #103 onward there, change the first appearance back to ST #103. Create a new page for the Marvex 5th Dimension. I'd think "Fifth Dimension (Marvex)" makes the most sense. Turn the current Fifth Dimension page and turn it into a Disambig page and we're golden.

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    • Yeah that makes sense, I'll make those changes then, the edit history will be lost though if I create a new page, I'll move the info as a copyedit so people can go back to the other pages and see the history there.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Would you be willing to approve a TRN i have in mind to be made?

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  • Hello. Can you please move John Jonah Jameson (Earth-218) page for me? I created this article from the redlink on Spider-Force Vol 1 2 page before I noticed that it had a wrong reality number in the appearances list. Thank you. HBK123 (talk) 18:38, January 13, 2019 (UTC)

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  • The overall language employed in your message conveys a tone that is unmistakably aggressive, evidenced by the use of censored expellatives, the multiple use of "garbage" to describe Lord Crayak's edits, and a choice of words that show disdain, like asking Crayak to "use some common sense." This has nothing to do with reading between the lines or projecting a tone. Your opening sentence even treats the message as an ultimatum.

    I don't understand why you need to accuse me of trying to undermine your point with fallacies, since your observations against Lord Crayak were not the focus of my reply. Besides, the first thing I wrote in my message was that I agreed with you on that. I saw myself forced to step in because it was not a constructive conversation. It was a one-way confrontational reprimand that was borderline violating FANDOM's Terms of Use.

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    • Annabelle: Thank you for putting it into perspective. As you may understand, sympathy and empathy are concepts that are difficult to grasp for someone in my condition.

      At risk of beating a dead horse: I again apologize for people taking my words out of context, and I am trying.

      But now that we're talking about it, I want to point out some problematic issues here:

      ADour is, again, suggesting that I am lying about my condition. He speaks of my "track record". I'm sorry ADour, but my condition doesn't allow me to change behavior at the flip of a switch. I was only diagnosed a few years ago and I'm working to overcome over 30 years of learned behavior. That's no easy task and requires extensive therapy and it is expensive and meeting my needs is prohibitive. You've been aware of this for months now, and still, you dictate how I should conduct myself with the ignorance of someone who does not understand my struggles.

      Also, am I the only one to notice that "these conversations" always happen when ADour goes out of his way to try and "correct" my behavior.

      Since he's expressed his doubts about my condition, perhaps he is the wrong person to be addressing any issues, as I'm being made aware of in this thread, shared by the rest of you.

      I get it, I come off as harsh and unapproachable, some of you may be reluctant to approach me with anything. But perhaps if there is a collective agreement with my conduct in the future, ADour is the last person that should be approaching me with the issue.

      I suggest that since ADour has made it clear (a) he doesn't like me (which fine, that's his personal preference) and (b) he has, on more than on occasion, doubted my condition, he shouldn't be the one to approach me with the issue. There's a clear conflict of interest and is a license for him to bully me under the veneer of "the following policy"

      So in the future, I ask that ADour stop contacting me from this point forward because it is bordering on harassment. If he has an issue, perhaps he should be delegating it to someone who is more willing to play devil's advocate and give the benefit of the doubt to all parties.

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    • I am not suggesting that you're lying about your condition. It's a simple matter of observation that pinning down the perception that you are confrontational and abrasive on our interpretation of what you say doesn't add up with the way you actually behave and the things you actually say. You have blocked pages simply to fend off edits that you don't like. You have violated policy consensus on the sole basis that you don't like them. You berate users for doing things their own way even if it's not against the rules. You have regularly brought up proposals to change policies you don't like, despite there being a clear and recent consensus. Sounding harsh and being harsh are two different things.

      Your behavior is an elephant in the room. Up until now, no other users wanted to adress it because of what's happening right now. Initially that was the same for me. But I had grown tired that nobody was willing to ask you to be more considerate of the rest of the userbase. As a matter of fact, this last instance surrounding your message to Lord Crayak was brought to my attention by another person.

      Despite the fact that five people in total have come forward to this, you keep ignoring the points that need to be adressed and point fingers instead. You completely ignored my observations until more people came to back them up, and now you say that you'd actually be open to accept them if it wasn't for the way we approached you.

      I don't have any kind of feud against you. I have already expressed that I respect you as a contributor, and I have agreed with you on many topics numerous times. So you don't need to try to shift the attention by labelling me as a witch hunter. This is not about you. It's about your behavior. I don't approach you because it's you, I approach you because I want to ensure the Marvel Database is a healthy community where editors aren't told their edits are garbage and are warned to stop editing for no reason other than personal taste.

      As I already expressed, I'm grateful that you intend to be more mindful of your tone. But I will step in again if I feel it's necessary. And this is all I'm going to say about this.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey, I've been moving all the Resident pages and I found a couple of characters had the link to the resident page removed (see this edit). Can I ask why?, If the character wasn't then removed from the corresponding resident page. Did you do this for everyone of these you have found? If so which comic series' so I can go back and fix all this rather than having to back through every single character manually to confirm.

    I understand your feelings on character relevancy but you didn't remove the character entirely so it feels like an unfinished edit, since the only way people will find those characters is from the comic themselves. I ask in future you either don't remove the link, or if you feel like you have to, remove the character from the index as well

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    • It was less my issue with minor characters, it was more culling a red-link or a link that didn't actually go anywhere (In that it would go to the city page, but there wasn't an actual corresponding hash link)

      At lot of those pages were absolutely mangled by DuellenteMagic going overkill in the appearance section. I picked up on his pattern of creating links that went nowhere and got fed up of checking and just removed the links. The appendix approach is a the census approach among the other admins so linking to City Name#Resident Name seems like a redundancy anyway, especially when the majority of them weren't even there to begin with. (I've gone through thousands of Spider-Man comics that Duellente went through, it was very daunting since all he was doing was adding links and tags and no actual content)

      I left them as plain text until the appendix format has been fully realised (and once we figure out how to create links that take people not just to the appendix page, but the proper portion of it.)

      From the perspective of adding the link later, I figured it would be easier to spot and identify minor characters if there was no link.

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    • Ok, Thanks, I guess if this is a mess mangled due to improper moves from other users, I will go back and check every character once I have them all moved. If you find anymore for now add
       [[Character Index|NAME]] 
      and I will go find if we have character already added or not from WhatLinkshere
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    • Works for me. Thanks for the heads up. I'll do that moving forward.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello Nausiated. I talked to you a while back on Facebook to try and contact you, but per your request, I have moved my discussion to here. On the Ares main wiki article, you have posted a picture of him from comics circa 1950s. What is the source for that picture? I am currently writing a research paper regarding changes in comic book characters from classical sources throughout history, and I would like to know the source so I can source that image in my paper.

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