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  • I live in Clan Askani
  • I was born on December 9
  • My occupation is Askani Deacon
  • I am Male
  • Bio "I am not beautiful, I am an elegant beast. A well-mannered monster, a charming barbarian. I will pillage your heart with language so lavishly violent.
    You will curse me for coming and curse me for going. Your crying and your moaning will share the same sound".


    "Thank you for today, and please for tomorrow".

    "There is nothing more important than being around your loved ones."

    Leadership is not about appreciation, it is about responsibility. It does not matter that the burden is heavy, it only matters that you carry it.

    I am a proud member of the Marvel Wikia Moderator Council. We welcome you to the Marvel Family and ask that you be respectful, thoughtful, and open minded. We are a tight knit community, a FAMILY. So feel free to speak up and get involved with discussions or topics. There is no dumb question, so feel comfortable asking away.

    "Come not between the Dragon and his Wrath."

    Also you want to stay off the shit list. How do you stay off the shit list, don't be a troll.

    Shit List:
    Johnny Bravo
    I'm Back 11

    We are GROOT!

    Comics are more than just entertainment or an escape for me, you can say it's more like a combo of religion and mythology, it's my faith. I look at these characters for guidance and wisdom. I ask my self what would Steven Rogers do? When life gets tough, I look at Bruce Wayne's dedication and self-sacrifice. I look to Xavier for lessons of acceptance. I look at Nick Fury when I need to make the tough choice. I look at the TMNT and see the true meaning of family, not blood but love. I am a father of two beautiful daughters, 6( Favorite character is Ms America) & 4 (favorite character is Pixie). I am passing along the knowledge that Stan Lee, Frank Miller, Chris Claremont, James O'Barr, and the GOD Jack Kirby to name a few, have passed on to us. I am happily married, and have been blessed with my own personal angel. Basically I am a comic book man hippie. And with that I leave you with this.

    Open your mind, and you will find freedom. Open your heart, and you will find love. Open your eyes, and you will find beauty. Open your soul, and you will find peace.

    》Forward, Always Forward》

    °God Loves Ugly°

    ¤Shadows on the Sun¤

    ♡You're not using your heart for
    What hearts are for. They've been trying to shut us down our whole life
    I thank God for healing
    You ain't got to get me lit, I got my own light
    Thank God for listening, listen
    You've been trying to build me up my whole life
    I thank God for building
    You ain't got to get me lit, I got my own light
    I thank God I'm living♡

    Infinity War Deadpool

    Chaos War Collection

    Intro -

    Chapter 1-

    {Created Hero Civil War: Lazarus Brand - Pro Registration; What is the difference between Mutant Registration and the Xavier Protocols? The government's of the world are not talking about making encampments, they are talking about keeping all people safe. This is about safety not discrimination. Not only should mutants register, they should also attend the Xavier Institute to learn to control their powers. I have faith in SHIELD and SWORD doing what is best for all of Terra.

    Origin - Shi'ar/Skrull/Homo-Superior/NuHuman Hybrid

    Place of Birth - Savage Land

    Unusual Features - furrowed chin, long pointed ears, feathers,

    Relatives - Abigal Brand (Foster Mother), Draven (Father), Rey Slade (Mother), Frederick Slade (Great Grandfather), Chamber (Distant Cousin), Blink (Distant Cousin), Nemesis (Distant Relative), Rook'shir (Grandfather), Clan Akkaba (Relatives), En Sabah Nur (Descendant),

    Powers and Abilities -
    Due to having Skrull blood, he has the ability to shape shift but he cannot transform into any animal or alien creature, only other bipedal forms.

    Do to his alien blood he has the combined physical abilities of a Shi'ar and Skrull, but at lower levels due to not being full bred.

    Do to his mother's blood he was born with an active X Gene. He has telepathy and telekinesis, but not at Omega levels.

    Do to his InHuman lineage, he was effected by the Terrigen Bomb. He has the ability to bend the 4 elements, however he cannot create fire from within or use lightning quite yet.

    Chi Manipulation, he was trained in secret by Danny Rand at Kun Lun. He cannot use his Chi as a weapon but as a way to heal himself quicker. This allowed him to train in some Mystic Arts.

    Sorcery, did some training with Shaman, Damien Hellstrom, and Brother Voodoo. He however is very limited in use.

    Weapons - Lazarus carries numerous weapons. He carries 2 Adamantium Katana swords given to him by Fury Sr, 2 steel sais, a Vibranuim Dagger given to him by Shuri, numerous stealth weapons such as stars, he also has titanium axe given as a gift from Red Wolf.

    History: Born to a Shi'ar/Skrull Hybrid escaped slave and a descendant of Clan Akkaba with InHuman lineage. His father, Draven, escaped a Shi'ar outpost located in the Savage Land. During his escape he came across an old hidden Clan Akkaba temple. There Draven met Rey Slade, the last living member of the clan. They quickly became attracted and started a relationship. Lazarus day of is filled with blood and tragedy. Draven and Rey were attacked by a Kree Sentry. Draven and Rey were able to defeat the robot, but it was too late. Draven died shortly after the battle, Rey held on long enough to give birth to Lazarus.

    Director Nick Fury Sr and Commander Abigal Brand arrived at the old temple after learning of a Kree Sentry arriving on the planet. They found the child crying next to his parents bodies. Commander Brand noticing the similarities of Skrull and Shi'ar in the child, over looking the child's blue lips and gray skin tone. Fury Sr wanting to kill the child is convinced by Brand to allow the child to live and be trained as a potential asset. Fury Sr reluctantly agrees.

    Commander Brand had young Lazarus do extensive training in all over the world. He trained with Taskmaster, Hawkeye, Iron Fist, Brother Voodoo, Damien Hellstrom, Brother Voodoo, and Rachel Summers, Red Wolf, Shuri.

    Lazarus has lived his entire life in the Savage Land, most interactions coming from his training. However he has been on a few missions in the Savage Land with Agent Fitz and Deathlok 420. He trusts Fitz with his life, mainly due to Fitz being so honest and accepting of him, however they don't have much in common due to Lazarus' lack of science knowledge. His best friend is Deathlok 420, just one problem though, his human self is always on sleep mode for missions. Due to that he only know the Cyborg side, not the man so we have a pretty odd relationship.
    Once the Terrigen Bomb was released Lazarus was effected, and began Terrigensis. During the process Commander Brand brought him back to the SWORD orbiting base awaiting Lazarus from breaking his cacoon.}
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  • Hello! Thanks for continuing to do such a great job with Discussions on this community.

    I wanted to give you a heads-up about something. Toward the end of the month, FANDOM will begin some tests around cross-posting Marvel-related editorial ( content in Discussions. This is the first step in seeing how we integrate something Discussions-like into the editorial area -- there might eventually be a "comments" section on those articles, but there are other possibilities too. But seeing how the users in Discussions react and reply (or not) is part of how we'll learn what works.

    This will be done in an automated way, so things that you see on will get posted in Discussions, attributed to either one of our editors or to the actual author of the article (if it's a FANDOM original).

    There will be a few special requests -- please don't edit or delete the posts, though it will be fine to recategorize them.

    I do need to establish what category the posts should go in. I am thinking "General". But let me know what you think about all of this, if you have questions, concerns, etc


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  • Hey, Ronin. I'm a Marvel Database admin and a member of Wikia's Community Development team, so I'm kind of the connection on here between the admin team and Wikia. There's been a lot of conversation lately about Discussions on here, which most of the active Marvel Database admins are not particularly interested in. We were reviewing the Council Nominations thread you posted and decided to promote three new mods... you, Fixer1138, MsX-23, and Brayden1102. Not that those are the only people deserving, they just seemed like particularly good stand-out candidates. It kind of seems like you've taken a leadership role here, so I'm going to make you my main contact. Don't take that as an additional responsibility, I just mean I'm a good person to talk to if you have questions or concerns or if you need anything. I trust you to have a better idea of what's going on in there than I do... so if you want to add additional members to the team, run the names by me and I'll put them through the approval process.

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    • Thank you very much for the faith you have put in us. We also appreciate you guys taking the time and energy to help us out with the trolls.

      Have a great day and take care.

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    • Hey man, thank you! You guys are awesome for helping keep the community strong. We should've done this awhile ago.

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    • Thank You, we know you guys are busy keeping the Wikia up to date with info, especially with so many different Marvel things going on. We greatly appreciate everything you guys do.

      We are Groot.

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  • Hi, I'm an admin for the Marvel Database community. Welcome and thank you for your edit to How active are you guys? And are Fan Fic allowed on the discussion threads? I use the app discussion more.!

    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at Marvel Database!

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    • I addressed the Punisher issue on the other talk thread so that hopefully any time your edits are undone there's an explanation as to why going forward.

      I don't use the App, so I've no idea who might be telling you what about Discussions/Chat Moderator positions and have thus referred this thread to the other Admins so that whomever is telling you that can reply here.

      Hopefully you'll find the tips you're looking for in Help, Policies and Guidelines, and Citing Sources threads, and there's a generalized video tutorial here.

      Don't worry 'bout "bugging" me, I like to help whenever and wherever I can.

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    • We are reviewing discussion moderator positions right now and should get back to you shortly.

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