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  • Hey Ryan!

    I decided to finally read and add the stories from Marvel Comics #1000 and #1001. Turns out 100+ stories that mostly takes place in the modern age I can't really do anything with, since I'm not really familiar with Marvel beyond the early 60s and stories that take place after the 80s I can't even recognize the characters from. Since you're more familiar with modern era, I thought you could maybe do something with the stories. I made a few notes to every story and listed the character appearances on most. There are a lot of X-men stories also, that I think you know the best out of the editors of the reading order. Since you'd need to add these stories regardless in the 2019 reading order I hope it's not a problem I turn to you with this problem. I tried my best to guess the timeframes of the stories for you, so here we go (PS. You don't need to worry about stories set before 1960 I will place them as I read along,so skip those if you will please, also 39th story of #1000 belongs to the star wars order and 51st is set in the MCU, the latter one I already placed):

    • Marvel Comics #1000 fourth story – Modern era (Jimmy Woo and Citizen V)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 fifth story – probably after America series; could be 2019
    • Marvel Comics #1000 seventh story – Probably 2019
    • Marvel Comics #1000 ninth story -- 1960-2019
    • Marvel Comics #1000 thirteenth story- probably post 2000s (Dr. Strange)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 fourteenth story – probably 2019 (Loki and clones)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 fifteenth story – Earth-665
    • Marvel Comics #1000 sixteenth stoy – January 2019
    • Marvel Comics #1000 eighteenth story – February 2019
    • Marvel Comics #1000 twenty-fist story – probably 2019 (Hulk)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 twenty-second story – 2019 probably (Groot and Rocker Racoon)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 twenty-third story – 2019 probably (The Thing)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 twenty-fourth story – August 1962 (Spider-man and Otto Octavius)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 twenty-fifth story – Flashback and BTS Iron man, could be placed in Modern day (2019) or after fist app. of Iron-man
    • Marvel Comics #1000 twenty-sixth story – After Avengers #4 (place it near the modern FB stories I think, the flashback is a dream)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 twenty-seventh story – Inhumans (Undefined universe; def. not 616; however someone pointed out on MCP, that it could be a dream)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 twenty-eighth story – Modern days (King T’challa)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 twenty-ninth story – 2006 (??) (Adam Warlock)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 thirtieth story – probably 2019 (Wiki page says it’s an alternate reallity I don’t really see why)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 thirty-first story – 2019 (?????) (Galactus and Thanos)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 thirty-third story – Recap of all the Red Wolves (Placement could be 2019, but it’s a complicated one to place IMO)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 thirty-fourth story – 2019 (?) (Blade)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 thirty-fifth story – 2019 probably (Mary Jane in modern day flashbacks to the night Gwen Stacy died)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 thirty-sixth story – 1974 (Wolverine, Hulk and Wendigo; story is a meta, probably an alternate universe)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 thirty-seventh story – 2019 (?) (Punisher)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 thirty-eighth story – idk the time placement it’s a mix between modern day and flashback (White Tigers)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 fourtieth story – 2008 (Weapon Alpha and Blind Justice)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 forty--first story – 2019 (Night Raven; he mentions he’s 130 years old, so timeframe could be right for modern day)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 forty-second story – 2019 (?) (She-Hulk)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 forty-third story - (MCP and Wiki says it’s alternate universe; Iron-man and Dr. Doom)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 forty-fourth story – (Earth-829, Future Hercules)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 forty-fifth story – (Present and dream flashback; probably should be considered as a flashback story; Storm; probably after Unc. X-men #172)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 forty-sixth story – probably 2019 (Spider-man)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 forty-seventh story – probably 2019 (Thor)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 forty-eighth story – idk about the time placement or the universe (Howard the Duck)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 forty-ninth story – probably 2019 (Wolverine and Spider-man)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 fiftieth story – probably 2019 (Speedball)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 fifty-second story – July 2019 (Jimmy Woo and Night Trasher)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 fifty-third story – most of the story is flashback, New Mutants #100 (??) (Cable; he is the narrator)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 fifty-fourth story – timeframe uncertain, probably 90s, but could be 2000-2010+ (Venom, Thing, Spider-man)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 fifty-fifth story – probably 2019, but could be earlier (Punisher and Wolverine)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 fifty-sixth story – probably 2019, the flashbacks too can be 2019 (Spider-man)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 fifty-seventh story – timeframe uncertain, def. not ancient egypt (Apocalypse)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 fifty-eighth story – story spans from 40s-to modern day, I think it’s place is in 2019 (Captain America)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 fifty-ninth story – 2019 (Deadpool and co.)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 sixtieth story – probably 2019 (Daredevil)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 sixty-first story – probably 2019 (Old(er) Rick Jones after he died sometime; idk when that was so it has to take place after that, however the story could be just meta)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 sixty-second story –many flashbacks from the 2000s (?) (Sage’s chronicles)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 sixty-third stoy – past and present, placement should be in the present (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and their child)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 sixty-fourth story – probably 2019 (Elsa Bloodstone)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 sixty-fifth stoy – no clue about placement (2 Alternate Universe X-men and the third could be 616, but could be an alternate universe as well)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 sixty-sixth story – Monsters Unleashed event (?????) – (Honey Badger & X-23; Avengers fighting Fing-Fang-Foom)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 sixty-seventh story – Probably 2019 (?) (Young Avengers)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 sixty-eighth story – 2019 (Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and their child)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 sixty-ninth story – probably 2019 (Hulk family)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 seventieth story – not sure if MCU or 616; Placement is uncertain (Tony Stark)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 seventy-first story – August 2019 (Jimmy Woo, Blue Marvel, Night Trasher)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 seventy-second story – Mary Jane Recaps her most memorable moments, ends in the present, should be placed somewhere in 2019
    • Marvel Comics #1000 seventy-third story – 2019 (?) (Miles Morales)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 seventy-fourth story – after Spider-man #700 (?)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 seventy-fifth story – probably 2019 (?) (Cable recalls how he got his scars)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 seventy-sixth story – probably 2019 (Miracleman and Miraclewoman)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 seventy-seventh story – 2019 (?) (Doctor Doom recalls his origin)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 seventy-eighth story – 2019 (Deadpool)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 seventy-ninth story – 2019
    • Marvel Comics #1000 eightieth story – 2018 or 2019 (Silver Surfer and Galactus)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 eighty-first story - present (Aug. 2019) (Eternity)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 eighty-second story – present (New Masked Raider takes up the mantle)
    • Marvel Comics #1000 eighty-third story – present; takes place after last story (The Enclave and Korvac

    • Marvel Comics #1001 first story – I’d put it in October, probably some time passed since #1000’s last stories (New Masked Raider and Enclave soldiers)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 second story – probably 2019 (Patty O’Donnels about yesterday’s news; Justice, Firestar, Nova..)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 third story – porbably 2019 (Ms. Marvel and Miles Morales)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 fourth story – Monark Starstalker at the premier of Big Hero Six (our universe Earth-1218)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 fifth story – probably 2019 (Nightcrawler fights a sentinel)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 sixth story – probably 2019 (Tigra and characters in a daydream)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 seventh story – 2019 (Daredevil)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 eighth story – Alternate reality (Peter gets to Heaven and meets Uncle Ben)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 ninth story – probably 2019 (X-men)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 tenth story – 2019 (? – possible alternate reality) (Ziggy Pig and Silly Seal, also maybe cameo of MCU Thor before Endgame)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 eleventh story – Kid Colt (possibly last Colt story chronologycally)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 twelfth story – probably 2019 (Jean Grey and Beast)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 thirteenth story – Origin of Earth-71928 Spider-Man
    • Marvel Comics #1001 fourteenth story – 2019 (Deadpool)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 fifteenth story – probably 2019 (Sleepwalker)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 sixteenth story – 2019 (Blonde Phantom)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 seventeenth story – probably 2019 (Kitty Pride and Brian Morisson)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 eighteenth story – Earth-99062
    • Marvel Comics #1001 nineteenth story – probably 2019 (Death’s head, Machine man, Ultron....)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 twenty-first story – probably 2019 (Squirrel girl)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 twenty-second story – probably 2019 (Jubilee, Gambit, Dazzler, Boom-Boom, Emma Frost)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 twenty-third story – Alternate universe or pre-Original Sin (Utau and the Inhuman royal family)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 twenty-fourth story – New Universe (Earth-148611)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 twenty-fifth story – Earth-18119 (Spider-Man: Renew your vows)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 twenty-sixth story – probably 2019 (Machine Man)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 twenty-seventh story – probably 2019 (Power Pack)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 twenty-eighth story – probably 2019 (Wolverine and Jubilee)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 twenty-ninth story – probably 2019 (Spider-man and Mary Jane)
    • Marvel Comics #1001 thirtieth story – Immediate follow up to first story (New Masked Raider and Enclave soldiers)

    A lot of stories include Interviews with characters and some 80th anniversary things. I think you can group them together, unless there is a necessary flashback that needs to be placed somewhere earlier. I think my notes are a bit lacky, considering I don't know much, but I hope I could help with them. Every story is one page long, so I hope you won't get nightmares. My sources were the Marvel wiki and the MCP and ofc the info I know myself. Good luck figuring out what I couldn't and if I can help, feel free to reach out. Thank you very much!

    ~ Ray

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey, sorry if you're the wrong person to ask this, but I was looking in the Marvel Comics 2006 page and saw that all the Amazing Spider-Man Civil War tie-ins are grouped together after Civil War #1. Is it okay to read like that, don't the Spider-Man issues spoil the events of Civil War? I haven't read anything Civil War related yet, that's why I'm asking.

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    • Hi, If you come to believe they are in the wrong order then please correct it.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey!

    Awesome work at 2018 page, corrected a little mistake, but it's splendid!

    Anyway, I've seen you added X-men Grand Design issues into the main order, but the wiki says it's a different universe, should we label it as different universe or is it intentionally in the main order?

    - Ray

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    • Hi Ray

      glad you liked the completed 2018 page. thanks for correcting those mistakes. As for x-men grand design where does it say it is a different universe? on the index pages it says where all the scenes come from, although I did notice some mistakes/contradictions it seems to be Earth 616.

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    • Actually, I see what you mean now. So i will remove them to another page


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    • Nice, glad we sorted it out.

      - Ray

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hey!

    I've recently started the Conan order and I've been looking around a bit about the order and stuff (Because Conan's publication timeline is a mess) and I have found a chronological order that seems like a better version to take about. A Conan fan named SirMuddy made an order that is Roy Thomas' original Conan Saga order (which I think this Conan order is based around), but expanded and corrected. I think it would be better to use that instead, because I have heard good things about that chronology and he also updates it regularly and will add the new Conan stories as well. I don't think there is much to argue about this, but since you made the work I don't want to demolish it. So if you are okay with it I will stick to SirMuddy's order and rearrange the stories. Tell me what you think!

    - Ray

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    • Hi

      well as long as they all just marvel stories I don't see a problem. This list could well be based on the Sir Muddy order. I can't remember.

      I added Red Sonja. a lot of Red sonja was guessed so if you could group the Red Sonja stories correctly whilst you review that would be great.

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    • Hey!

      Thanks for the reply!

      I see some difference from SirMuddy's order, that's why I guessed it was Roy's Conan Saga order. Anyway I will adjust them then. As for the Red Sonja stories I don't really know either, but because it doesn't really connect to Conan in most ways the placement is not a thing to worry about here, but when I get to that point I'll see if I can do something about them.

      Cheers, Ray.

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  • Hey again!

    I moved all western era issues into part 9, also moved the other things as I said before. Could you please ask an administrator to delete the western era order pages, as they're useless now and I'm not sure I can ask to delete someone elses page. I think it certainly looks better now, but that part is now enormously long, I don't mind it, but if you have anything against it or would have an idea what to do with it please respond.

    - Ray

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  • Hey!

    First of all happy holidays! Hate to bother you at Christmas time, but sometinh is bugging me quite some time. I am going to start reading the Western order, but I think it's quite messy by layout. My idea is, that the western order shouldn't be split into 4 parts and maybe we should make it a new part for the order instead. While the Western order in itself is pretty big for one part, we could split it into 2 part maybe or creating sub orders for the page (like in the 1940s). Also for part 9 we could merge half of it with part 8 (up until Ghost Rider, where the western order would start) and merge the other half to part 10 (from Dracula Lives #13), so it would look something like this:

    Marvel Universe Reading Order Part 8 Post-Cataclysmic Era to mid 19th Century
    Marvel Universe Reading Order Part 9 Western era or mid 19th Century
    Marvel Universe Reading Order Part 10 Late 19th century to 1939

    This way the other order parts doesn't mess up, and it looks better aesthetically and I would happily take the job myself with a little plannig help.

    Tell me what you think, I have a few ideas managing some things with the western parts themselves, if this idea doesn't appeal to you much.

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    • Hi That sounds fine. I was not happy with they way it looks either. (Also non-western stories may take place in the western era. so it should not really be separate).

      so please go ahead. As longs as the stories remain in the right order that is ok. when you have finished I can take a look and tweak anything if necessary.

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    • Okay, I'll try to start it sometime, when I'll the time. It will take long to make it correct, because i'm trying to read whenever I can, but unfortunately I don't have enough time. I think I will create the page tomorrow and paste in the stories already in the western order, and then I'll correct it as I read along.

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  • Hey!

    I recently thinked about the Ragnarok cycles in the order, and it came into my mind: shouldn't we put every ragnarok cycle to part 1 of the MU order and then after the last Ragnarok era we put everything else, because it is hard to follow that there comes the third ragnarok, then the Inhumans creation, Kull, Conan and everything and basically at the fourth ragnarok it all gets erased, but in the order it seems like everything just goes along. For this here comes my suggestion, that we put every ragnarok cycle in the first part up until the recreation of the universe at Thor Annual #5 Prologue and then everything else can stay the way it is, with some slight modifications. I might have misunderstood the cycles and everything, but as far as I understood it this is how it goes.

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  • Hey!

    I think we should add Forbush-man to the main Order, even though he is an alternate universe character, he does appear in some main universe comics later on. Would you mind if I add them?

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    • Yes. please add him on to the main universe/earth-616 and any alternate universes he appears in.

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    • Okay, it's my first thing tomorrow, Thank you for the answer!

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  • Hi,

    I've been reading alot of X-Men comics the past few years, and a lot of other Marvel comics with X-Men in them. I don't have time to add them to the wiki, but I keep track of everything I read, so you can use my list to see which series are worth checking. I left out the regular X-Men series and series like Wolverine, Deadpool and various other X-Men solo series. If there is number between brackets, it means that you just have to check that particular issue.

    A + X A-Force vol 2 All new all different avengers (7, 8) All new inhumans (1) All new invaders (8) Amazing Spider-Man (532 – 534, 538)) Amazing Spider-Man vol3 (4) Amazing Spider-Man vol4 (1.3, 14, 15) America (1) Avengers 100th Anniversary Special Avengers AI (8 – 10) Avengers Assemble vol2 (1, 9, 11, 17, 18, 20-23, 25) Avengers Standoff: Assault On Pleasant Hill Omega Avengers Undercover Avengers vol5 (+annual) Avengers vol6 (0) Avengers vol7 (2.1) Avengers world (1 – 3, 7, 9, 10, 14, 17 - 21) Avenging Spider-Man (12, 13, 16 – 17) Axis Axis: Hobgoblin Axis: Revolutions Battle Scars (3, 4) Black Knight vol 4 Black Panther vol 4 (7, 22 – 25) Black Panther vol 6 (7 - 8) Black Vortex Alpha Black Vortex Omega Black Widow vol5 (11) Blade vol 6 (5) Captain America vol 5 (10) Captain america vol 7 (25) Captain America: Sam Wilson (8, 10) Captain america & the mighty avengers (8, 9) Captain Marvel vol7 (16) Captain Marvel vol8 (9 – 12, 14) Captain Marvel vol 9 (9) Champions vol 2Civil War: Fallen Son Civil War: The Return Civil War: Young Avengers & Runaways Civil War II Civil War II: Gods of War Civil War II: Choosing Sides Daredevil road warrior (0.1) Deathlok vol5 Doctor Strange vol 4 (4, 6, 7, 9, 10) Doctor Strange last days of magic Elektra vol3 (1) Fantastic Four vol1 (543, 544, 643, 644) Fantastic Four vol4 (1, 2, 13) Fantastic Four vol5 (1 – 3, 5 – 6, 8 – 9, 13 – 14) Fearless Defenders FF vol2 First x-men Foolkiller vol 3 4 Ghost Rider vol8 Giant-Size Ms Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy vol3 Guardians of the Galaxy vol4 Guardians team-up Hulk vol3 (3, 4, 9, 12, 13, 14) Incredible Hulk vol 2 (83 - 86) Indestructible hulk (17, 18) Infamous Iron Man (1) Infinity (1, 3, 5, 6) Infinity Heist (1 – 2) Infinity the Hunt Inhumanity Iron Man vol 4 (14) Iron Man Captain America Casualties of War Loki: Agent of Asgard (7, 14) Marvel 75th Anniversary Celebration Marvel knights xmen Marvel New Year's Eve Special Infinite Comic Mighty Thor vol 2 (15, 16, 17) Mockingbird (5) Monsters Unleashed vol 2 Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur (16) Mrs Deadpool and the Howling Commandos Ms Marvel vol 2 (8)New Avengers vol3 (+annual) New Avengers vol4 New Avengers: Illuminati New Thunderbolts 11 New Warriors vol5 (2) Nova vol5 (18, 22, 28 +annual) Nova vol 6 (8) Nova vol 7 (2) Old Man Logan vol2 Origin II Original Sin Original Sins (4, 5) Patsy Walker a.k.a. Hellcat (8 – 11, 13, 14, 15, 16) Power Man and Iron Fist vol. 3 (7 - 10) Punisher War Zone vol3 Quake: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary Savage hulk (1 - 4) Savage wolverine Scarlet Spider vol2 (3 - 4, 17 – 19) Secret Avengers (6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13) SHIELD vol3 (5, 6) Spider-Man vol 2 Spider-Man/Deadpool Spider-Man/Deadpool: Monsters Unleashed Spider-Man 2099 vol2 (5) Spider-Man House of M Spider-Woman vol 5 (10) Spider-Woman vol 6 (1) Squadron Supreme vol 4 (1 – 3) Star Brand & Nightmask (5, 6) Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde Star Lord (6, 7) Star Lord vol 2 Storm vol 3 Superior Spider-man (6AU, 6 – 8, 24 – 26, 30, 31) The Punisher vol9 (4) The Totally Awesome Hulk (9) Thunderbolts vol2 Unbeatable Squirrel Girl vol 2 (6) Uncanny Avengers Uncanny Avengers vol 2 Uncanny Avengers vol 3 (+ annual) Uncanny Inhumans (1 - 4) Uncanny xforce vol2 US Avengers Winter Soldier (14) Young Avengers vol2 (12 - 14)

    Hope to've been of help!

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  • Am I free to edit the Marvel Universe Reading Order?

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    • View all 6 replies
    • The thing is: I disagree in making reading orders in real world years. Because of multiple stories being published at the same time some ...let's say... 2012 issues happens before some 2011 issues (This happens a lot with Decembers and Januaries). So, in case you still want to maintain the Marvel Universe Reading Order in publication years, I'm building a Marvel Timeline worked primarily from textual sources to nail down how much time writers have caused to pass in the Marvel Universe. The first year is going out after I send this message. You can see it in User:Civil Warrior/Marvel Universe Timeline First Year

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    • Hi Civil Warrior

      I had this debate before and thats why we have 'First Year/circa 1990' on part 15 to suite both tastes. I looked in to time passing and the consensus is a 4:1 ratio. (I personally prefer a varied ratio).

      Publication years are used purely for navigational purposes. e.g. you can guess Avengers Vol 1 1 is on Marvel Comics 1963. so its easy to find.

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