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  • I've locked the pages for episodes 3 and 4 until you and LoveWaffle work out a solution on the talk page.

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    Spencerz closed this thread
    11:58, November 11, 2012
  • "Although if an admin (or anyone) called someone a jackass, then that is still a violation of the NPA policy."

    That was part of your message on that SNN site discussion. Anyways, I must've misread that when you first posted it, but after looking through it, I guess I should give you this link to the "violation".

    Gen sais it isn't a violation, as he has done nothing to earn protection under the policy, but Myself sais that the policy applies to all users, so I don't really know weather or not Kagi should get punishment (especially since it was from a long time ago, but I figure it's never too late.) Anyways, is TGWDP protected under the policy and well Kagi recieve anything?

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    • Three years ago. I'm not going to action that now.

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    • Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought your reaction would be. I most likely would've done the same thing. It's never too late, but it'd still seem kinda ridiculous IMO. But just out of curiosity, would TGWDP be protected under the policy and would Kagi have gotten anything?

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    • Kagi would certainly have been told off, for violation of both no personal attacks and no feeding the trolls (although the latter wasn't in place at the time). Doubt there would have been a formal ban, but you never know. Nowadays, Kagi (and most other people) knows better to insult people like that anyway.

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