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  • Do you know if theres any of using apn to connect directly to the second story on a page over the first?

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  • Hi, welcome to Marvel Database! Thanks for your edit to the X-Men Vol 1 48 page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • Sure. I'm trying to figure out the programming logic of your website, so I can make changes like that one more quickly. I actually spent awhile trying to figure out why that page wasn't appearing in the "appearances of" list, because I had tried to use Scott Summers as an example, then I realized he wasn't listed in his "appearances of" list, and I got put in a little logical loop until I realized that his "appearances of" page doesn't reference other pages, but has it's own editable list.

      Why do some "appearances of" pages check which pages list the character as "appearing in", but others have editable lists (and woefully incomplete in the case of Scott Summers)?

      Also, why does the link to Quasimodo's list still say "30 appearances of..." now that I have added a 31st?

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    • So the Cyclops thing is actually a desgin of the site to combat long load times. The chronological list is only generated for characters with 500 appearances or less. When you get into characters like Cyclops with nearly 1,800 appearances, the chronological list takes a significant amount of time to load on-page.

      The Quasimodo thing I'm not sure about. As you can see on his actual appearances page, all 31 appearances are logged there.

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    • That makes sense. I had a feeling it would be due to the quantity. The page which lists all the issues of uncanny xmen keeps crashing my browser (safari on an iPad1), so I appreciate the attempt to limit pages of that size.

      Since it would take man hours to maintain the hand typed pages, wouldn't it make more sense to use a next page system when the list exceeds a certain number?

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    • I'm not entirely sure. Our coding on the site was mainly put together by one of our other admins, a super wizard by the name of Nathan. Every template, code or automated action on the site was likely either created or highly improved by him, so he really knows most of this stuff. He would really be the one that can answer that.

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    • A FANDOM user
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