Developed by Doctor Doom, this item was a small shining sphere[1][2] that could be held with three fingers and thrown to a target.[1] The globe would then track the victim quickly and relentless[1][2] using heat-seeking sensors;[2] it was impossible to dodge or to divert even using superpowers.[1] It could only track one individual victim.[2] Once the orb hits the victim, she immediatly feels agony, ectasy, cold and heat through the whole body, then the transmuting process starts from the impact point.[1]

A victim with a particularly high stamina and endurance could resist the effect and be completely unaffected.[2] If not, in a twinkle, the victim's body becomes immobile,[1] living,[3] organic chrome,[1][2] similar to Colossus's armored form - but, unlike Colossus's,[1] the victim's organic processes slow down to a virtual stop[1][2] and the victim is unable of movement or conscious thought. Superpowers based on emotions can be used, however[4] - not without some pressure, as the psychological effect could be quite intense.[3] The coverage provided the victim with certain protection against physical damage.[2]

The clothing was not directly affected and could be removed and replaced after the transformation.[5]

Doom had a different ball to revert the process by transfiguring the victim back to flesh and bone, an antidote similar in appearance to the transmuter.[3][2]

A Doombot impersonating Doom once used a metabolic transmuter on Storm of the X-Men, successfully entrapping her.[1][2] As she was a claustrophobic, her powers unleashed an uncontrolled, intense tempest in the surrounding area.[4] When Doom used the antidote to revert the process,[3][2] coerced by Storm's allies, she recovered in an unstable mind frame, becoming a danger to friend and foe until Colossus helped her recover.[3]


The book Machines of Doom theorizes that Doom may have several transmuters stored in his New York Castle, and also that superheroes with regenerative powers like Wolverine may be able to fight the effects of this transformation and revert to their normal selves in a given time.

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