Metal-toe was one of the Dee-See villains -- along with the Jokester, Magilla Grod, and Sinestronie -- who were recruited by Low Key for his “Smacks of Venegance”, a scheme to trouble all the super-heroes of his Earth out of spite. As their own heroes were becoming so violent that the villains’ usual deeds were below the so-called heroic deeds, they joined in an unannounced cross-company crossover wherein the villains attacked the Marble heroes, with some of them (Scaredevil and Chaplin America specially) tried to discover how and why.

After the Revengers’ newest member Motorola captured Low Key and made him confess, Metal-toe and the other Dee-See villains surrendered and explained the details too. They agreed to return to Dee-See because, although they could not resort to alternate timelines to retcon their deeds, after all they got no complaints because in the 1980s nobody was reading Dee-See comics.[1]

This character is a clear reference to DC Comics’ Metallo.

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