The origin of the Metal Men of the Moon is mostly a mystery. By their own accounts they were built by individuals that lived on the moon who apparently died off. They required water to continue operation, much like machines on Earth required oil. They began observing the planet Earth, used the technology left behind by their creators to pull water from Earth's oceans to the Moon to use for their continued operation.

In 1949 they unintentionally pulled the Sub-Mariner up to the Moon along with their latest water collection. Namor was pulled out of the water tank and one of the robots explained their origins and their need of water. However, the robot feared that should the people of Earth learned of their existence that they might come and conquer them or demand payment for the water he knocked Namor out. The Sub-Mariner was then placed in a machine that wiped out his memories of meeting them and returned him to Earth.[1]

The Metal Men of the Moon have not been seen since, as there has been much activity on the Moon in the convening years the robots either wore out, were destroyed, or left. Their ultimate fate is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


The Metal Men required water to continue their operations.


Habitat: Wasteland
Gravity: 1/6 of Earth
Atmosphere: No atmosphere


Type of Government: Collective
Level of Technology: Advanced: The Metal Men themselves were apparently sentient robots that were capable of independent thought. They had monitoring devices that allowed them to view the Earth and a tractor beam device that they used to pull large volumes of water out of Earth's ocean.
Cultural Traits: The Metal Men were xenophobic, fearing that discovery of their existence would lead to conquest or being forced to pay for the water they needed to continue.


  • It is interesting to point out that when Namor was brought to the Moon he was able to walk on it's surface without the aid of a space suit or oxygen supply. It is possible that the Metal Men were situated on the Blue Area of the Moon, and possibly were created by the Kree who previously dwelt there. However such possibilities are speculative at this time.

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