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Meteor's past, and real name, are unknown; but he was one of many mutants captured by the U.S. government to be brainwashed by their agent Virus, into subservience. Meteor was freed by a team of mutants assembled by Wolverine, which he then joined. The hotheaded Meteor was the first among the team to advocate open violence against the government.

When Sentinels attacked the team's compound under orders from Virus, Meteor was impaled by a spike fired by one of the robots but is seen removing the spike, only to disappear with his teammate in the burning compound. He was presumed dead by the U.S. Government but it is unclear if he actually died.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Meteor possessed hardened, super-heated skin resembling magma. He was able to propel himself with his power somehow, even changing direction. He can had an unknown degree of pyrokinesis.

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