Metro General Hospital
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Metro General Hospital[1]
Metropolitan Hospital,[2] Metro-General Hospital,[3] Metropolitan General Hospital,[4] MGH[citation needed]
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The Emergency Department of Metro-General Hospital


Metro General Hospital is a public hospital located in Midtown Manhattan.


After moving to New York City, Linda Carter, the Night Nurse began work at this hospital along with Christine Palmer and Georgia Jenkins.[5]

Alternate Realities

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)

Medical Staff at Metro-General Hospital

In Earth-199999, Metro-General Hospital, sometimes called Metropolitan General Hospital,[6] is a public hospital located in Midtown Manhattan. Both Claire Temple and Shirley Benson are employed at this facility.[7][8] Until recently, Doris Urich resided at this hospital.[8][9]

After being shot, Detective Blake was recovering at this hospital until he was killed by his partner, Detective Hoofman.[10]

When Vanessa Marianna was mysteriously poisoned during a fundraiser for Wilson Fisk, she was rushed to Metro-General Hospital because it was the nearest hospital.[11] She was eventually stabilized and fully recovered while at this facility.[12]

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