Quote1 Metropolitia. A city of people, slaving to forge the weapons of Battleworld. They are a people living in fear. They live under constant surveillance. No word goes unheard. Work. Sleep. Repeat. Work. Sleep. Repeat. And if they underperform... they're downsized. Taken by S.H.I.E.L.D. and sent to be experimented on-- by Baron Zemo. Lord on high of Metropolitia. A man who believes himself a god, and the people his playthings. While the city is policed by S.H.I.E.L.D., they work for Zemo, not for the people. There is only one group who works for the people. A secret group. Never seen but known to all. Whispered from oppressed worker to oppressed worker. The Atlas Foundation. They have worked in the shadows to save citizens from Zemo's experiments. They have remained hidden. Until now. Quote2
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Metropolitia was one of the many domains comprising Battleworld. Its baron was Heinrich Zemo.

When Jimmy Woo disappeared after he and the other Agents of Atlas rescued three hundred men, women and children who were being transported in a train against their will to Zemo's Castle for experimentation, Gorilla-Man and the rest of the Agents of Atlas went to the S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters to see if they were involved in Jimmy's disappearance, and discovered they weren't as revealed by Director Coulson, Jimmy's mole in the agency.

Afterwards, with Coulson now openly standing against Zemo, the Agents of Atlas invaded Zemo's Castle. The agents split up in order to find Jimmy, who was eventually found by Gorilla-Man attached to a torture table in the West Wing Dungeons. While saving his partner, Gorilla-Man was attacked and killed by Helmut Zemo, son of Heinrich Zemo and heir of Metropolitia, who subsequently released his father's Weapon X's army to find and kill Jimmy's friends. Later, Helmut transformed into a gorilla as part of the Gorilla-Man's curse and was knocked out by M-11.

After being being released by the remaining agents, Woo revealed that Zemo captured him only to discover Venus' whereabouts as he fell in love with her after witnessing her using her powers to calm his Weapon X's down back when they took out the train with the people for experimentation. As M-11, who took Gorilla-Man's body with him, and Namora stayed behind to deal with the incoming Weapon X's, Coulson took Woo to the rendezvous point where Marvel Boy would be waiting for them. But instead, they found Zemo and Coulson was shot dead by him. Soon afterward, Zemo was confronted and lured to death by Venus.

With his father dead, Helmut became Metropolitia's new baron and the Agents of Atlas returned to the shadows to watch him and protect the people of Metropolitia whenever they need.[1]

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  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters
  • Zemo's Castle
    • East Wing Dungeons


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