When Cable was being raised and trained by his parents Redd and Slym Dayspring to defeat Apocalypse, Metus was one of the friends with whom Nathan could take a break from his rigorous training. Cable unwittingly infected Metus with the Techno-Organic Virus, and tried to cure him to no avail. Full of remorse, Cable kept the incident a secret.

Because of his mutation, Metus was cast out by his family. He set out to seek revenge on Cable and make him suffer the same way he had, chasing him throughout his entire life, pushing him away from his loved ones. In order to make up for his childhood mistake, Cable devised a plan to purge the Techno-Organic Virus from Metus' body. With Hope Summers' help, he was successful, and Metus recovered. To Cable's surprise, Metus hadn't aged and remained a child, so he decided to take him to the Xavier Intitute for Mutant Education and Outreach.[1]


Shape-shifting: Metus is able to alter his appearance including the texture and color of his skin, although the extent of this power as opposed to the Techno-Organic Virus' capabilities during his former infection is not yet fully revealed.[2]

Longevity: Metus exhibits an extended lifespan, having ceased the aging process at the time of his mutant manifestation, thus he retains the health, appearance, and physical vitality of a child at puberty.[2]

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