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During WWII, Captain America was sent on a secret mission within Nazi occupied Poland where he was to assist Dr. Ernst Fleischer in defecting from the Nazis and destroy anti-gravity vehicles that Fleischer created with the assistance of Polish rebel fighter Lior Eschel. Cap did not believe the story about the anti-gravity devices until his plane was destroyed by just such a ship. Bailing out in time, Cap managed to find Lior and saw that the area was under the command of a enhanced Schutzstaffel officer named Der Metzger (The Butcher). It turned out the Lior had sold Cap out to the Nazis, and he was captured at the cost of Lior's life. After being examined, Cap was tossed in a cell where he met with Fleischer. Breaking himself and Fleischer out of their cells, Cap proceeded to destroy the hover crafts. Fleischer was killed in the crossfire and Cap beat Der Metzger within an inch of his life. Cap then helped the Polish slaves escape before the base exploded destroying all the technology and killing Der Metzger.

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